Affect vs effect help?


I am nowhere near perfect but I think for the most part I spell words right and use them correctly. One thing I struggle with is effect vs affect. Anyone have any tips or something that would help me use these correctly? For example, I’m not sure which one of these is correct.

“Do I always have this effect on you?”
“Do I always have this affect on you?”


It would be effect in that example.
Remember: “ Affect is the Action. Effect is the End result”


This is perfect thanks!


You’re welcome ^-^


@ShanniiWrites thread is extremely helpful for grammar improvement.


Thanks for the mention! :wink:

I actually deal with this very issue right here! People also struggle with ‘lay’ and ‘lie’, which is interesting. Please feel free to give me some requests if you have any points you struggle with! I’m now a qualified EFL teacher :sunglasses: so grammar is my livelihood at the moment!


That’s an awesome thread. Thanks for the link!


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