Affordable Cover Artist Needed

Please I need suggestions for an artist that can do a cover for my story at a cheap price🥺


check out vasilie_arts on Instagram she has some good prices. her comission are closed atm but I’m sure she will be back soon

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Hi there. My commissions are currently open. However I wouldn’t recall my prices being cheap but moderate instead. But not sure how much low budget you have, you can check out my art examples on my Instagram below and I offer a low price art style too. Details about art styles and prices can be found in my story highlights.

I also have a collab giveaway open incase you are interested:


Hey I’ve started doing digital art and it’s free if u would like to see examples go on my insta (Cat333.episodes) if u don’t have insta I’ll send u examples
Hope this helps

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My prices i won’t say really cheap but i think its affordable and also i van lower my prices till where both of us are comfortable
I also have a lot of offers and i can definitely do a cover for your story for seeing my art style pm me

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If you’re still looking, I am open for commissions. I’m not sure what your definition of cheap is but you can find all of the information about prices here:

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May I ask what your budget is

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Hey! I can do art for cheap prices! DM me on instagram @momo_.episode
Here’s a sample of my art:

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Thank you✨

Rn I’d say 22 dollars🤧

And how many characters
N the length is it ok with waist up

Two characters, yes waist up is perfect!

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I can do it
Do u prefer with cartoon style
I can do a fully shaded cartoon style
I can show u My examples

Thank you so much
I’d love to see your examples🤗

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My example


Old examples


New examples

This is for someone n the character was thus design

So do uu have insta

btw it would have been around 28/29

Oh okay my prices are
Portrait - 14USD
Half body - 20USD
Full body - 26USD

But for an additional character it will be half of the original price
So if it’s waist up two characters it will be 30USD
It exceeds your budget :disappointed_relieved:


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Wow, you’re examples are absolutely stunning (:

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Hi there!! Hope you’re having a good day :heart::heart: I would love to work with you on this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


More examples


I can make you a budget without commitment :grin:
If we decide to work together, I’ll start working on your sketches. If you like them, we’ll proceed with the payment via PayPal :heart:
Depending on the piece, it will take me between 1 and 3 days in total :blush:
Once I’m doing, I’ll check it over with you, make any changes necessary, and send it via email so it doesn’t lose quality.
Please be kind, respectful and don’t ghost :heart: (if you’re not interested, please let me know, there’s no problem! :blush: Just please don’t ghost me, I ain’t doing that to you)
Please understand I’m a college student and won’t be working on your piece or messaging online 24/7 :relaxed: but I’ll be as fast as possible! :ok_woman:
Any more questions, feel free to ask without commitment!!

You can ask anything without commitment, even if you just want to see more examples :sparkles:
I wish I can help you! :heart::heart::heart_eyes: Let me know if you are interested :wink:

Thank you all so much❤️
Your examples are truly amazing :heart_eyes:

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Dude you’re so fucking talented omg

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