African American Hair Tips Needed

Sorry I said african american, cause i’m black myself but i didn’t want it to be interrupted into the actual color black. okay so as a fellow black male i suck at drawing black girl hair and i need tips on how to draw edges and space buns (natural hair) and curly hair, if you’re white, asian, anyone may answer this and it won’t be racist :slight_smile: I just need help from anyone idc if your blue just plz help. :sob::joy:


I am just gonna follow. because I am trying to that to and well its not that well.


Hey idk of this helps, as I’m not an African American myself I found these on Pinterest and I hope they’re useful :joy:

Also a reference drawing will definitely help you to locate and do what you have to do. Follow step by step tutorials as well, there are also many brushes where you can create the edges and give it that vibe and depth of the volume of the hair, where you can probably find in many peoples gumroad or even make your own.