Afro Latina and Latino Characters?



Hey everyone.

So a couple things:

  1. How can a properly portray an Afro Latina and Latino in my story. I don’t see much representation on the platform and I want to make it apparent that the character is not just black.
  2. How come I see NO Afro Latinas or Latinos in any story. Of course, as a writer, I am going to do this myself but I just want to know why the lack of representation.

If you guys have any tips for me in terms of appropriately showing the reader that character is and Afro Latina/Latino that would be great! -especially if you are this ethnicity!

I also made this so people could recognize this other ethnic group which seems to not be represented on Episode (or anywhere really). So if there are any up and coming writers maybe make an Afro Latina the main character?
#epirepri (episode representation)

^idk if hashtags are a thing in episode forums


Honestly Latinxs in general come in all shades, hair textures, etc.
It would be nice to have some typical clothing from our countries but other than that I feel you can make a good amount of Afro Latinx or Latinx characters out of the options presented.


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