Afro Latino(a), Black, Latino(a) Characters

Can someone create some characters for me? I want to add diversity into my story and my main character is Latina so her and her family have very similar characteristics (same nose, eye color, hair color, etc), but I need some more ideas to create more Latina or Latino characters. Also, I want some Afro-Latino(a), Black, Mixed (Black and White), and half Latino(a) characters. Please comment with images or descriptions of how I should make my characters. If you would like to do any different race (for example, Asian, Turkish, Hawaiian, Indian, etc), feel free to create those. Thank you :heart:

I’m going to add a description of the traits my character and her family share

Skin Tone: Copper 4
Hair and Eye Color: Black
Nose: Round Button

My main character herself, has the Long Voluminous Curls Loose hair.


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Okay. Thank you for the help!

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I made The MC with

Brows: Black & Arched Thick Styled
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide
Face: Square Defined
Lips: Full Heart Pouty & Neutral Medium Nude Gloss

Thank you! Do you have suggestions for hair, skin color, or a nose?

All I know is that voluminous curls looks great on all characters of the races you mentioned in your paragraph (in my opinion)

That’s what I think too, but my MC has that hair and I’m trying to avoiding overusing that hair. Any other suggestions?

You said you used long voluminous curls though, so I think it could still work

Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were talking about the hair I used, my mistake. You are talking about the Voluminous Curls, the afro, correct?


Okay. Thank you so much!!

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Here’s some characters that I’ve made for your story, love!:
Mixed race, female
Skin: Gold 04
Brows: Round Medium (deep brown)
Hair: Dreads Braids (dark brown)
Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Dark)
Face Shape: Triangle Defined
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Round Pouty (neutral medium nude gloss)

i added an outfit for this one skksjskj

Cross Necklace Metal Silver
Flat Lace Up Sneakers Black
Jeans Denim Neutral Black High Waisted
Layered Orange
Sleeves Leather Purple Mauve
(some are kind of brief descriptions u can put in the search bar)

African American/black, male
Skin: Gold 07
Brows: Round Medium (black jet)
Hair: Curly Mohawk (black jet)
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Smiling (Brown Black)
Face Shape: Diamond Soft
Nose: Button Wide
Lips: Full Heart Large (Tan Deep Neutral)

Latina, female
Skin: Copper 03
Brows: Arched Thick Styled (chestnut brown)
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Medium brown) this color is rly pretty bahaha
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Dark)
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Nose: Round Broad
Lips: Full Round Flat Top Skin (Rose Light Nude Gloss)

WILLOW i love this name sm btw : )
Afro- Latina? ( i’m not rly too sure but feel free to portray her as whatever you feel is best)
Neutral 05
Brows: Straight Medium (Black)
Hair: Medium Curly Solid
Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide (Hazel)
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Flared Upturned
Lips: Small Heart ( Neutral Medium Nude Matte)

and lastly,
Asian, male
Skin: Neutral 02
Eyebrows: Round Thin (black dark)
Hair: manbun (black dark)
Eyes: Monolid Slender (Brown Dark)
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Straight Narrow
Lips: Full Heart Natural (Pink Peach Medium Gloss)

It’s so nice to have someone appreciate the BEAUTY of diversity, especially on an interactive episode creator website and app with many different stories that PURPOSELY comes with so many different and beautiful features! I might love to read your story when it’s released (don’t rush it! i’m making a story too and i want everything to look rly good so i take a long time bahaha)

You can credit me if you want, but you don’t have to at all.

Have a great, nice day or night, love < 3!


OMG thank you so much!! :heart::heart:


No problem at all! I love making characters haha.

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