Afro-Latinx Authors! I can't be the only one

I can not be the only Afro-Latinx Author on the forum so where are you at? I am Cuban, (have no idea if I have Taino tribe blood in me) but I do know that I have French and African blood in me. I wanted to see if there are others in the forums that are like me.
P.s For those of who don’t know more and more people are finally embracing the term of Afro-Latinx(Latino/Latina/Latinx) do you embrace the term as much as I do?


I’m not afro-latino but I’m Nigerian (African) :relieved:

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Ohh nice I have a friend Who dad is from there but he doesn’t talk much about that family side. Is it really hot during the summers?

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It’s hit in winter spring autumn and summer lmao.

But I was born and raised in the UK :relieved:

I only go there to visit my family

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I rarely see black authors in general.

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That should change

I don’t have full access to the catalog but apparently there is a black shelf.

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Ohhhhhhh I will def look into that!

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