Afro-Latinx [Discussion]

I am working on a discussion post about Afro-Latinx people and I need a lot of help with it. To go along with my research, I’d also like to hear from Afro-Latinx people about their experiences as being connected to African ancestry. Me being an African American, I obviously cannot speak for this group of people, but I can relate to them because of the African ancestry. If you are Afro-Latino/a, I need your help! I’d like to know if you consider yourself black and claim your blackness. If you’re an Afro-Latino/a who doesn’t claim your blackness, but know that you have African roots, tell me why. I’m interested. If you live in America, do people group you with my group of people, African Americans? Let’s talk.


Hey! I love the thought of this discussion :yellow_heart: !
I’m a Afro-Latina self but live in the UK. The only problem i have is when people tell me my race , for one i’m on the light side for a black girl and always get told by others i’m white, i’m not afro-latina; just hispanic and so on. Ik a few afro-latino/as who are told their African or Jamaican basically told their race isn’t their race by people who have no idea about other ethnic groups. Idk if it’s just in the UK but we have the term ‘BAME’ (black asian and minority ethnic) so some and many people don’t believe afro-latino/as are ‘a thing’ which i thinks a big problem :frowning_face:.

Literally any race can procreate. People saying that afro-latina’s don’t exist is complete bs

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Im african american because i have a lot of african ancestry but i also have way more french Polynesian ancestry and I was also born there. I usually dont go into a whole rant about how im half this and this i usually just say that i am african american because i look african american as well as having a lot or new orleans creole experience and accent

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1000% agree ://

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