Afro-Textured vs. Straight Hair

sigh… Okay, an ongoing argument that always seems to come up is if they can wear my hair why can’t a wear theirs? To answer your question my non-black friend, you do not have Afro-textured hair, nor any African ancestry. So there’s no way you can have tight, kinky, coily hair. It’s not possible. Your hair is just straight and it’s okay. Your cannot have an afro with straight textured hair. Frizzy and coily hair are two different things. Keep that in mind. Afro-textured hair or kinky hair is the natural hair texture of certain populations in Africa and the African diaspora. Straight hair is way different. It’s always in style and put together. It stays in one place. No texture or volume.

Yes, black people straighten their. Believe me, I still relax my hair sometimes because natural hair can be hard to maintain sometimes because it’s so kinky, “nappy” and thick. Many black women can relate to me. So yeah, we straighten our hair sometimes. The reason why we do because many of us don’t like our natural, afro-textured hair because many non-black people call it nappy. Not only that, but many black women cannot wear hairstyles specifically for our hair such as braids in some workplaces because it is deemed as unprofessional. Which, I and many black women beg to differ on. They call protective styles unprofessional most of the time. This all leads us to straighten our hair, get sew-ins and wear wigs because our hair isn’t welcomed and accepted in some cases. Trust me, many of us don’t want to straighten our hair to adhere to Eurocentric standards but we don’t have a choice sometimes; especially if our jobs don’t really like the idea of us wearing our natural hair.

That’s why we wear your hair non-black people. It’s because our hair isn’t celebrated and accepted. However, it’s acceptable when you wear box braids and dreadlocks and those hairstyles do not belong to you or fit your straight textured hair. It’s not like I have a problem with you guys wearing braids, but it’s unfair to black women when you can wear it and get away with it when we can’t.


I agree 100% with you on this. I have curly hair type 4 to be exact. But I don’t embrace it because I feel like I’m going to get bullied somehow. It really does piss me off, however, when non-black people get away with stuff like that. It just shows how people are still not equal. I know this is not apart of this, but it is also very disrespectful when white people blackfish. They get called out for it, but never stop. It is very disrespectful that we can’t just embrace our hair. We can’t do much, then get called out for being unprofessional. It is totally unfair and people need to learn how to accept people for who they are.

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Don’t even get me started with blackfishing. It literally works my last nerves when many white people blackfish and cultural appropriate black culture. It’s not fair at all. It breaks my heart when natural hair isn’t accepted by a lot of people.

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Exactly! And then there are people who do it for attention! Like no, its so disrespectful to not just people, but CULTURES! Cultures and the way of living is being mocked and made fun of! It pisses me off so fucking much. Plus, they don’t even apologize for blackfishing. It’s like its a game for them, and they do it for all the attention. It annoys the living hell out of me.

I can relate to this so much! I’ve got 4c hair, which is the kinkiest, driest, coiliest, most difficult hair to manage (in my experience). I’ve come to hate my hair because everyone else in my family has 4b/a hair. My y black deputy headmistress called me out in front of the entire school to tell me that I should get my hair plaited into something more manageable. I had tied my hair in a pineapple updo, which is completely allowed, my my hair was called unrefined and not lady-like, so I was forced to get a new hair style. The next day, a white girl with a high ponytail was complimented by the same headmistress, yet she had a similar hair style to mine. It really ticked me off because my perfectly normal hair was judged, however, when a non-POC gets the exact same hair style, it’s allowed. :weary: