After finishing a story, do you ever feel depressed or is it just me?



After finishing a story that I’ve been binge reading, I always feel upset for some reason. I know these characters are fictional but I still feel the same. Do you feel the same or is it just me? :thinking:


Nope, it’s not adnormal to feel this way. I once felt pretty sad for the characters. But you know what? There’s no point in dwelling on it. the more you think about it, the more you just can’t concentrate, when that happens, you just simply can’ t enjoy anything. My advice for you is just to take a little break, do things that you love.


Good advice, but it ALWAYS happens to me. Probably because I’m so sensitive :thinking:


YES!! It’s always sooo depressing


For reall, I feel so upset!


I always try to remind myself THAT THESE CHARACTERS ARE FAKE but regardless, I feel depressed



Good I’m not alone :joy:


It took me 2 weeks to write my first story’s final chapter.


It took me 3 months to finish mine because I thought it wasn’t good enough lol


What’s your story about?


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Thank you!


omg i feel the same :confused:


That moment when you realize you’ve never finished a story till the end . . .




I feel upset too. Like, after the farewell you give to your loved or near ones. I finished reading Rivals and was kinda upset that Becca’s and Brett’s young love journey ended (on a happy note though).

Side Note (Please don't be offended)

Honestly, Rivals is the only romance story I could ever tolerate :joy:


You have never?! :flushed:


Yes, I can relate. I just finished Envy, and I feel so… Empty.


Yes it’s always a sad moment unfavouriting a story I’ve enjoyed once I’ve finished it