After finishing a story, do you ever feel depressed or is it just me?

Really? Even if you have other good stories to read right after? :open_mouth:
Personally, I could compare that feeling to the feeling of sadness that you get when you’ve invited friends over and had a great time, and then everyone leaves and you kinda wish they were still here. It’s not a good feeling, but it goes away pretty quickly as long as I have a good distraction.


I was broken when Endless Summer ended and I still feel sad whenever I scroll past the covers on the app now… :joy:


Oh my god, YES! Someone here understands :sob: I miss the characters so much… Especially Jake and Raj. I’ve replayed the whole story three times already.

But the whole Damien situation in Perfect Match 2 has gotten me too hooked to worry about any other books right now. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing :sweat_smile:

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The ending of book 1 had me shook and I was going nuts waiting for book 2…
So I guess a book ending doesn’t just makes me sad, sometimes it makes me crazy :joy:

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Same. It’s either intense sadness, borderline craziness, or both. I’m still going nuts after reading the first chapter of Book 2. We’re getting way too invested in these fictional characters’ lives, aren’t we?

Spoiler for Perfect Match in Choices: I refuse to go on with my life until Damien is freaking rescued!

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Yes :joy: