After last update, game screen not fiting anymore, too much zoom

Hi There, guys!

After last update that show up for me this week, all the stories, specially from the community, ar not fiting correct on my phone screen, looks like there too much zoom on it.
I have already reinstalled the app, but it didn’t work. Here some examples:

From “Jaded Love”:

Staring a new one:

I already sent them a ticket, it was told that when I finish the chapter I was reading, would fix, but it doesn’t happened the it was told.

Any one experience the same problem? I have a Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, but I ask my husb to install the app on his phone (also Xiaomi but the Note 7 one), and also for him the same happened.

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Same happened to me :’(

Actually it went well after I disinstall the app and log out, if you were reading a chapter finish it and the next one will be fixed that’s what happened to me.

Hi Lovie!

I just didn’t try loggin out, I’ll do that too!

Thanks a lot for sharing with me!

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Try it :grin: and your welcome :*