After reading "The Matchmaker", I want to get back with my ex. Y'all relate?

It’s weird.
It’s just really… weird.
One minute I’m customizing the game ex to look like my ex, but then we have the exact same situation, she sounds just like my ex talking to me when we were together…
It almost felt like I was actually working out my relationship with her in that story and I really want to work out our relationship in real life, but since I’m moving to a completely different continent (and I’m not good with long-distance) I know that won’t work. (Also, her mom HATES me (she’s completely homophobic) which is part of why we had to break up.)
I don’t expect actual advice on this, because I know it’s not going to work out, I’m just… I don’t know. I guess I’m half-asking if anyone else felt this way?


Let me set something straight, I’m not good at relationships. Even though I write about them all the time. But what I do know is that if you know something is not going to work out, or have the inkling of an idea that it isn’t, then it most likely isn’t. Because if your subconscious is telling you it, it means that part of you doesn’t like/love your partner enough to be loyal and want to keep the relationship going. And if you do move to another continent, the chances of cheating inside a relationship raise incredibly high.

Like I said, not a love guru or anything, just my thoughts.



Okay, about The Matchmaker, I haven’t read the story (only the old Ink version), but I get what you’re saying, you saw something that reminded you her and now you want to try it out, like you got some kind of hope from reading an Episode story (I’m not judging you, I actually think it’s pretty cool).

I can’t completely relate to your problem, since I haven’t ever been in that kind of situation (maybe some similar ones, but not like that) but you shouldn’t care that much, if you want to be with that person, you can try it out and see if it works.

I hate any kind of racist people, and homophobia is definitely a kind of racism and you shouldn’t care at all about her, don’t let the fact her mother is a horrible person effect your life!

You don’t have to take in mind any of this, you just asked for opinions, so I gave you one.



I made him look like my crush :rofl:


yeah i can relate its a pain in the ass

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