After the reader chooses their name, can you put a title in front of it?

I’m not sure where this goes but I was wondering if once the reader chooses their name could you put a title in front of it or not?

What I do for choosing names is put NAME in the display name box when creating MC characters. So that way the name gets applied straight to the speech bubble.

So what I wanted to know is…
For example, let’s say I give you the option to create your name and you put…Sally. If I wanted to make a flashback with that character, could I create another character called YOUNG NAME? And that character’s name appear as YOUNG SALLY in the script? Or would I have to change the character’s appearance and make them look younger temporarily? Or something else?

I think so, this may or may not work, but try putting brackets around the NAME that’s in the display box, or just put YOUNG NAME and see if that works.