Against an episode restricition

I remember I tried adding that animation into my story for a joke. My story reads and rank went on calculating so quick :joy:




They just go to pornhub at 13 lol


I don’t think it’s silly it’s a teenage app. It’s a good guideline to me. Plus kids are just horny not curious, they already know what sex is hello pornhub exists it wouldn’t be good to have it on a teenage app.


Agree. The stories would be out of control

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omg :rofl:


So… this thread exists. We are actually discussing this. Huh. Interesting.

Let me quote my lovely wife: y’all need Jesus!!

Look, I do not know much about porn, but if mature readers want not only to read but also watch erotic content, then they can just open Google and type anything they want. It is literally that easy.

This restriction is here to stay. So, unless Episode suddenly decides to become an app for adults and filled with X-rated content (I mean, ahem, more than usual), I do not see this “silly restriction” disappearing soon.


Sorry but I disagree. Like someone else mentioned before if a person wants to read mature content there are books and movies for this which in my opinion is totally fine but Episode isn’t the right place to have stories filled with explicit sex scenes.

I personally would not enjoy reading a story on the app that talks about nothing but sex, I’ve actually had to stop reading some, not because I find it uncomfortable but I do find it very unnecessary to include it in every single scene. Reality TV dating shows mostly include sex, most books include sex, social media includes a whole lot of sexual content. How about having something that’s just innocent for once! :roll_eyes:


I guess everything was said already, so all I have to say is I’m so glad that Episode doesn’t let this happen.

I read in another thread that someone found an INK story in which the male character was doing the sing_rear animation while the female MC was doing idle_wounded. I never saw that story but I can’t get this picture out of my head :skull:


Omg! I can’t unsee it :skull:
I’m glad episode doesn’t let this happen anymore as well. Let’s just leave some things to imagination lol.


I think I know what story you’re talking about lmao… I can’t believe that was ever allowed :no_mouth:


Since people use the argument that children read this app, then episode should portray consensual sex but there are a lot of stories that don’t do this and yet they’re still allowed. instead of eliminating it completely, I think there should be restrictions to prevent children from reading a mature story but I don’t see anything wrong with wanting mature stories as long as it’s consensual.


This is just my opinion but, I don’t mind suggestive content online. Heck a lot of stories hint it! But, I babysit and an 8-YEAR OLD has seen me playing and wants to play. I sometimes have to watch her like a bat because I don’t want to risk having her see something that will make her grow up faster or be scarred for life. There is a big group of readers who are 12+ and it’s not good if we have Episodes that have sex scenes, even soft ones on the app.


Episode doesn’t have a rule that means you can’t include sex. You can. As long as you do it right. Which is not hard. Think of PG rated TV shows and how they include it. It’s all about references to sex and in my opinion, it’s very easy to manipulate the regulations to include sex beyond what I think it appropriate for 13 year olds anyway…

On this note, if Episode doesn’t do it… I feel like they won’t because ummmm can you imagine how people might lose their minds if episode “encouraged” sex! Maybe I will :thinking:

Wow, I actually read something exactly like this yesterday. Except instead of calling it his D, he called it his “think”. I cried :joy: It was funny, but super gross :face_vomiting:


I think what confuses me is:

Were there not scenes in College-ish that do exactly what’s bolded here? I would have expected those scenes would be in violation of this guideline, but clearly it is not the case that “anything suggesting” a sexual encounter is forbidden. I would like to know where the line is because I don’t find it very intuitive. I’m not personally interested in writing or reading sex scenes (in fact I find much of what is on here quite off-putting), but, in theory, having more decisive parameters on what is and what isn’t allowed could make quality control easier. They’d have more specific rules they could provide to authors in violation of content guidelines, and then those authors wouldn’t be like, “Yeah, but this or that story has sex scenes and it was featured/on a shelf/has 5 million reads” because the rules would distinguish what is from what isn’t part of the verboten “anything suggesting” sex is taking place.


Previously to College-ish, my understanding was always that kissing then fading to black was as much as you could do to depict sex. Now with College-ish, I’ve seen a lot of “touching” with hand overlays. Tbh, those scenes made my eyes go wide at first, but the more I think about it, the more I see how it’s acceptable as per Episode’s guidelines… because it’s not suggesting “sex” is occurring at that moment, it’s suggesting “foreplay” is happening. However, I will still use my fade to black rule of thumb anyway because the sensual touching with overlays makes me cringe

And I agree with this completely. I know for some of the guidelines, it’s hard to give a point blank definition for, but there’s got to be something a little more clear for this


It’s not silly.

There are minors, reading episode stories and it’s wrong to expose them to that kind of stuff so Episode are being very considerate about their audience when it comes to this situation. Minors are very young & impressionable, they don’t need to see that.

But I do think Episode should not allow any minor to read a story with a lot of sex scenes even though things shouldn’t be based on sex all the time. There’s more to life than sex.


There are some really good points people have made in the end. Honestly, if I’m reading a nice romance, I’d prefer not to see depictions of two or three :flushed: people having intercourse. I think having cute animations that show two people are interested in each other or are in love (like those really sweet and romantic animations episode released on LL) is enough. There isn’t much need for graphic descriptions of sex and its one of those things we don’t need to add to a romance story. For example, despite sex being a natural thing everyone does, so is going to the bathroom and relieving your bladder, but you’re obviously not going to write about it because its unnecessary and gross. I’m not sure if that was a good example, but it literally was the first thing that popped up in my head. :woman_shrugging: