Age twinssssss!



Sooo…I’m bored and well I would love to talk to someone my age so yeah I mostly meet people younger or older than me so it would be nice if I could talk to someone my age.

Ps: I hope this is not too personal :woman_shrugging::joy:

I’ll start:



Im 14 lol


I’m 14! We’re triplets


Oml finally :pray::sob:


:frowning: I’m just 13…

No one the same AGEEE as MEEEEEE lol :sweat:


this is unrelated but do any other people my age have to read Pride and Prejudice :sleepy:


AYEEE I’m also 14




13 too, twinz


13 but :zipper_mouth_face: don’t tell anyone


How old are you?


16 :sweat: feeling old by all those comments


There are people waayy older than you


I am 13!! <3


SHisTer give you chocolate for being nice😋
Gives chocolate



I love Pride and Prejudice!! It’s the best love novel I’ve ever read. I’m 14, how old are you?


I am 19, anybody twinning with me?


Lmao, how do you think I feel? :joy:


:upside_down_face: oldyyyyy :grin: but you are smaller than my sister so not that much​:grin:


Ahh cool - haha I am short as well so I can get away with being 16-18 lol. 15 if I do not wear makeup lol.