Age twinssssss!



I feel like every year time just gets faster and faster

Especially this summer? June felt like it lasted for like 2 days, July felt like it lasted for an hour and now my school is gonna start next monday!


I am




Yaa I am…




I am 14 :grin:



lol I was about to start celebrating cos there’s so many 14 year olds and i forgot I turned 15 two months ago (it was just the most insignificant bday I’ve ever had) but thank god I found you


Any 16 year olds?!


Lol I got confused for a second because I thought this was that birthday twin thread and I was like “what?? my bday is in May” XD

But yeah twinnnnnnnnnnn :3


Welp…mama :partying_face: I am 16 too :upside_down_face:


Really?! Awwwwww that’s great me and my darling are age twins!


:scream:I got a twin :innocent::innocent: who loves to bake people


Yassssssssssss we can bake so much more! :sob::purple_heart:


Yeshhhhhh! :drooling_face: forumers are down…we will bake them


We’ll bake them all!!! :rofl:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Okay have fun! :joy: Just be back by bed time


:rofl: I’m weak!