Agent 99-Action Romance

Hi Everyone! I have a story that I’ve published and really would like to get feedback on. What do you guys like, don’t like, would prefer to have changed etc.

Appreciate it so much in advance!

Title: Agent 99 ( planning on changing the title)

Genre: Action/Spy Romance


Description: A train ride goes awry when you’re suddenly caught in the middle of a terriorist attack. You’re saved by a sexy British spy but the danger has only just begun.

Cover: (planning on changing the cover)


I’ll check it out tomorrow and do a review :blush:

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I read it and it’s very cool :smiley: I love that choices have an impact in the story! It’s well written by the way!!! Also, the length was perfect and I like the directing, it’s different from what I used to seeing!
Be careful with the script because some choices (panels) were too low (episode 2 and 3). I wasn’t able to see the second choice so I was stuck with the first one :frowning: Same for the characters (In episode 3, the MC was too much left in the zone)
I don’t know if it was a bug with the app but I wasn’t able to customize the MC. Like I wanted her eyes to be brown, same for the lips but it didn’t work (also, I couldn’t see the changes that the MC was undergoing :confused: )

Anyways, the story is still good!! Keep it up (I’ll put it in my favs :slight_smile: )

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Thank you so much for the feedback!! I’ll work on changing the script and figuring out what I coded wrong. So glad to hear that you like it!

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No problem :blush: