Agents Needed for Story!

Hi!! I am in need of agents for the FBI for my story: Caught in the Law! If you would like to be an agent or just in the background of my story please fill out this template!!! The story is in ink by the way

~Background Character or Agent
~Skin Tone
~Hair + Color
~Eyes + Color
~Lips + Color

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Thank you!!!

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~Background Character or Agent

~Name Brooke
~Skin Tone olive
~Eyebrows sedutive arch
~Hair + Color beace wave purple
~Eyes + Color uptoned bold purple
~Face oval
~Nose elvel
~Lips + Color : round bold. Rubby red

Name: Leslie
Hair: Diva Curls(chestnut)
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Eyes: Upturned Feline(blue)
Mouth: Classic(Scarlet)
Nose: Elven
Skin: Tan
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Can I be an Agent?

~Background Character or Agent- Agent
~Name- Mimi
~Skin Tone- Tan
~Eyebrows- Seductive arch
~Hair + Color- Beach wave, Black
~Eyes + Color- Upturned Feline, Taupe
~Face- Oval
~Nose- Soft Natural
~Lips + Color- Classic, Crimson

thank you!!!

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Thank you!!

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thank you!!



~Name: Kae
~Skin Tone: Light
~Eyebrows: Defined Natural
~Hair + Color: Messy Pixie (Blue Light)
~Eyes + Color: Round Bold (White)
~Face: Soft Heart
~Nose: Elven
~Lips + Color: Classic (Raven)

Awesome thx