Agree Or Disagree? Huh?

We shall discuss our problems with this society!


So guys, yesterday I was on Pinterest and I found a meme, I started scrolling down the comments and it said something like…

Woman should be able to walk around topless just like men, this is a double standard!

I replied saying “She was one of those feminists” and stating how "that would be disturbing to see in public."

She got mad or some other emotion and starting saying "BuT BoObS aReN’T SeXuAl

I personally disagree with this because the alleged assault charges will go through the roof and many men will be charged for something they didn’t do, plus it’s very disturbing for kids.

Plus it is possible that some other men/women will go crazy and some will assault!

Do you agree or disagree with this person?


ummm… disagree with that. It would be fr disturbing so see a topless woman walking around tf


First off that’s private (to me) and second off that would scar me forever if I saw that. Third off I can see all the new sexual harassment charges that could come off of this.


I wouldn’t mind but it’s alarming for kids or some adults to witness that


Also anything can be sexual depends on the person :woman_shrugging:t2: cough fetishes cough


I agree but she would be like BuT iT’s OkAy WhEn A MaN dOeS iT


I feel like it’s not as bad (not bad at all) for a man to do it, since normally their ahem chests aren’t as “full”


I agree but hey she is one of those Un-logical Feminists.


Oh lord, this generation is full of them


So true… :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

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Personally I wouldn’t care either way


I disagree with you because:
It is true that boobs are not sexual, their function is to feed babies
Guys have nipple too, the only difference is that girls have more fat, so basically it’s the same if a man and a woman go around shirtless (in my opinion it’s bad either way: why should I see someone shirtless eww)
Also you said that assault would increase, but… that’s not a reason, victim blaming is never right, I could be naked but no one has the right to touch me without my consent.
And I think it’s more general than just going around shirtless, think about it, in many houses boys can go around with just their underwear but girls not because it isn’t decent (let’s say you have a tank and panties, nothing is shown but you can’t), also when children are at the beach what’s the use of a bra for little girls? They have no boobs, so it’s just because their female. That’s the double standard…

Note, I’m not attacking you, I would never go out shirtless, not even at the beach, so I don’t care that I can’t do it. Just giving my opinion :slight_smile:

you two both cover yourself I don’t wanna see that :joy:


that is disgusting and gross. First off, I ain’t wanting to see that especially if you got a botched boob job :grimacing:secondly, I have a pretty big chest so if I did that I’d feel uncomfortable and I’m very self conscious so I’d be scared that I’m made fun of. Third, for the “boobs ain’t sexual” here’s a quote I grew up with, “be glad you have big boobs, men like to play with them.” so, yes, they very much are. Oki, I’m done! :grin:


But there are girls whit basically a flat chest, so they could be shirtless? Society says no, but… they have the same chest of a man… and what about fat man? Some of them have boobs, should they cover themselves? It’s a bit confusing if you think about it

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That really depends on the household though, my sisters run around in their underwear and one is 7.

Yeah, but it would still raise though.

Personally, I see a big difference.

A double standard? I’m pretty sure mothers would not want their daughters walking the beaches topless with or without boobs.

But hey we all have different opinions.

Well some people likes to play with foot, does that makes bad showing it? :sweat_smile:

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I agree!

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yes :joy::joy: but srsly boobs aren’t meant to be shown, hence bras (their other use is to support them :grin:)

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Of course the world is beautiful because everyone is different :slight_smile:
But two children with the same identical chest,one with a bra and one without doesn’t seems strange? Who is going to watch that kid in a sexual way? That would be sick omg

You never know, they’re are those type of people in this world.

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