Ahhh! This is exciting! (New Author) Promoting my story LIAR. I'd love if you'd give it a read. Would love to know yours

Hey, guys! I would love if you gave my new story LIAR a read. It’s only got about 6.8K reads currently. So many HUGS if you do! And if you suggest yours, I’ll give it a look, too!

A little white lie. A dream job in the music industry. A gorgeous older boss. You’re 18 pretending to be 25. Will you tell the truth before he realizes you’re still in high school?

Instagram: @sugarfoot.stories



Hey would you like to do a r4r

Hey! Give me your story title!

Omg, that’s your story??? I saw it on Episode yesterday! I’ve only read a little bit but wow, amazing

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I would love to read your story, it seems very interesting :heart_eyes:
Feel free to read my story:
Title: the last breath
Author: ladies.episode
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 7 (on going)
Descreption: Sibel became a doctor as she dreamed of, but will she leave or continue her career after she was forced to marry a cruel Italian mafia.
IG: @ladies.episode

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It’s H.I.M.

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Thank you, friend!

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