Aim's Outline Contest!


Hi everyone! Welcome to my first outline contest! There isn’t too much to say so let’s get on with it!

The 4th of November! Not too much time but not too long to drag along the time to decide the winners!

o Only 2 entries per person!
o Please don’t steal the outlines, they do take time and effort to make
o Make sure you include your signature/name in the final product!

o 1st Place - A large and small cover created by me, an edit of your choice, a splash, a follow on instagram, a review and read of your story and a spam of likes!
o 2nd Prize - A large and small cover created by me and an edit of your choice!
o 3rd Prize - A large and small cover!


Not sure what that pose is…

Here are some of my own for inspiration!



Entering if I can find some time






Joining if I have time


I will enter if I have time.


I want to join. :blue_heart:


Thank you.


The top one can we turn it side ways if we want? @Aims.Episode


My entry, yeah, I turned it and changed a little, hope that’s okay, since I still kinda kept everything else of the outline as it is.

Here you go, rip quality cause the forums won't allow me to post the PNG one which is way better quality..


Imma join


My entry x





I’d love to enter!






Here is my entry:


Here is my entry :slight_smile:


My entry :slight_smile:


My entry!


Hiya, I am really sorry but I am so busy atm. The next outline contest you do I will join but I am so busy atm I haven’t got any time to do it. I hope this is OK and I a truly sorry.