💓 Aims1141 INK Pfp Art Shop! (Closed after all current requests are done)

Heyooo! Welcome to my art shop! :heartbeat: Request a pfp here and I’ll be more than happy to do it!

Da rules
  • Be patient please! I’ll be taking my own time to make the pfp for you!
  • Don’t remove my watermark!
  • Don’t be rude to others!
  • Credit me with my forum name after!
  • Only one character in the pfp!
The examplesss!

I’m still fairly new to digital art so I won’t be able to do advanced poses but I’ll try! Just list out your character details, outfit, pose, background and extra details! Also, tell me if you want waist up or shoulders up! Have a great day! :heartbeat:

Waiting list:
@lvqbrl (completed)
@Jaynee.Episode (completed)
@Problematic_Patrick (completed)
@EpisodeGamer1 (completed)
@eilyk (completed)


hey, can i request one? <3


you can use the same outfit, but please change the hair style to straight.



hand on hip with a smirk :))

is that okay?

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Ah! Sorry! I just updated the thread with the examples and rules! I’ll love to do your pfp!

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yay, thank you! <3

also youre insanely talented

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Aww thank you so much! :heartbeat:

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Heya, I wanted to ask if I could request one too? :grimacing: Also, do you do limelight as well or just ink? :blush::sparkling_heart:

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Hey, you’re so talented can i request a pfp please? :slight_smile:




Can i have her smiling please.

:slight_smile: :two_hearts:

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Of course you can! I haven’t tried LL before so I doubt it will be good however I can try! But I recommend INK since I’ve had more practise :joy:

Aw thank you! :revolving_hearts:

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Ok, I’d like to request an ink profile picture. :sparkling_heart:

Here are the character details…I’d like him to be flirt_winking forward like in my current profile pic but with no glasses :sparkling_heart:

As for the background, can you make it on a transparent background, so I can put it over my own background? As I don’t know which background I want yet. :slight_smile:

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Aww thank you! :heartbeat:

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Hey! I’m doing your pfp now! I just wanna ask some questions before I start: Do you want the pfp to be waist up or shoulder up? Also, do you want really glowy highlight like in my examples? Please tell me if you want extra details like freckles and so forth!

sorry for not responding! anyways, no highlight unless it’s just on the cheekbones and hair, and shoulder up preferably? no extra stuff tho <3

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Ah! Thanks! So no nose highlight?

Or lips?

actually yeah, kind of like in your second example, how it’s light but you’re able to see it :)) no lip highlight tho

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Oh okay! Thanks!

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Can i make a request?

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Ofc! :heartbeat:

Pose: sitting against the whole while she’s crying

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