Airport and plane

Does somebody have the airplane image resized

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I could definitely give it a try! What’s the bedroom background?

I edited these night time ones. They’re 3 zone backgrounds.

I also edited for a night sky inside the plane which is 1 zone.


If you need a proper night version, then here you go. You do need to give me credit please.

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these are perfect! i’ll make sure to credit you when I’ll use them in my story. Thanks!

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can i please use it if yes where do i give you credits x

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If you’re talking about the ones I edited then of course! No need to credit, thanks for asking though!

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Yeah thank you x

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Hey, do you have day type for this one? :sob:

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Hey, can you send me these again :no_mouth:

Sorry day type for which one? The one inside the plane?

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The exterior

For this

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Oh the day one is in the art catalog on the writers portal, it’s called EXT. RUNWAY JET - DAY

It looks like this:

Are you saying that the other users images weren’t “proper?” Kind of a back handed response but go awff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Elaina2 I love your backgrounds and I’m def stealing and using. Hehe :upside_down_face:


aww thank you☺️ Lol

Oh damm, wow I don’t even remember typing that in, but yes, you’re right, the wording definitely wasn’t the best at all… Shame on me. I want to apologize for that. Also, now that I look at @Elaina2 's backgrounds, they look absolutely amazing. I must’ve been annoyed or something because I don’t understand why I would call them ‘improper’.

So again, @Elaina2 and @WonderGirlEve , I’m sorry for my inappropriate comment.

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Lol it’s ok, thanks for clearing that up, I appreciate that! And your background looks great as well :relaxed:

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Thank you!