Alanna's Banner and Cover Shop ( in hold )

Omg thank you so much!

Hey here’s the first one (the small cover) tell me if there’s anything that needs to be fixed (like if you want the characters closer) so that I can fix it and start making the large cover


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I love it! It’s perfect thank you!

Hi thank you so much for helping me with my cover

Sorry i have been so busy an didn’t have time to check anything,
Face Shapes:
Girls- Oval
Character 6- Male
Skin- Tan
Brow- Thick Arch Athletic
Hair- Cropped, Chestnut
Eyes- Blue, Stoic Almond
Face- Defined Triangle
Nose- Button
Lips- Uneven Taupe
Tank Top Cream
Black sneakers
Ripped Punk Pants
Weathered leather Jacket
And Tattoos
That’s all thank you @ajlanna.episode sorry again for not replying i was away camping

these are the details for the Female Character


Female Character:
Skin: Toffee
Brow: Defined Natual
Eyes: Upturned Feline, Blue
Face; Soft heart
Nose: Soft natural
Lips: Classic, bubblegum pink
Outfit: Ringed tank (Cherry Red), Music video black tights, Key neckless, Gold Buckled black heels
Pose: Hold the gun in right arm pointing the screen

Male Character:
Skin: Light
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Boy bun, Black
Eyes: Classic round, Blue
Faces: Square Jaw
Nose: Bull
Lips: Uneven
Outfit: Basic sneakers (Black), Black tight pant, shirt (Cabernet) puffer vest (Cabernet)
Pose: Arms around Female characters neck

Extra Info;

Title: Secrets
Author: Miss Simone
Colour of title: Red

And could you make sure the characters are center screen,
Also thank you soo soo much for helping me again,

I will finnish everybodys request by wednesday except @_epi.rachel_16 i will finish ur by monday :slight_smile:

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Female details:
Skin: Neutral four
Brows: Arched natural
Hair: messy sock bun
Color hair: ash blonde
Eyes: female generic
Color: blue green
Face: heart soft
Nose: Define natural
Lips: full round pouty
Color: beige gold matte

Male details:
Skin: gold 4
Brows: straight medium scar
Hair messy: under cut
Color: black dark
Eyes: narrow almond deep sunken
Color: ice blue.
Face: chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose: hooked Grecian
Lips: full heart natural
Color: beige deep natural

Tattoos: chest and arm triable
Eye brow piercing
Scar on bridge of nose.

I don’t have a pose or back ground. I was going for dark love if that makes sense. He’s the bad boy and she’s the girl with a lot of baggage finding it hard to except herself. He’s in love with her from the moment they met and she’s making every excuse not to fall for his charm.

Thank you

I’l finish yours by thursday

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Hey I finnished the large cover


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Thank you! It looks great!

Do you have an instagram I can use to credit you?

Hey there, I thought I would give you some tips.

When drawing you should try to have cleaner lines, put the stabilizer on 10.

And @WitchOfLust has a tutorial on edits.


No sorry but you can just credit me by my forums user name @ajlanna.episode

Thank you for the tip! But I decided that I won’t try to do drawn art because I don’t have the proper equipment (ive been using my laptop and the mousepad lol) thank tho

Edit: And thank you for the tip on editing, but i think I’ve got it thanks.

Sorry I also gonna finish yours by thursday

Question do you do banners?

I can try to make them it seems easy