Alanna's Edit and Splash shop (In hold)

Before you request, this is NOT a cover request thread but if you are looking for someone to do covers, click on this link to my other shop Alanna’s Cover Shop
I do not do anything drawn!

There will be a lot of splash examples (literally, there’s 23) to show you all the different kinds of editing and effects I can do with it.

Now to Begin, let’s keep this simple.

I can do the following:

  • Edit other splashes (No Credit Required)

  • Make New Splashes (Credit Required) EDITED

  • I can try Custom Poses (Credit requirements may vary depending how hard it was)

  • Character Sheets (No Credit Required) Edited

Here are some examples:


I can do Borders:

I can do some stickers:

I can do light/glimmer effects:

I can change which parts are brighter (like a spotlight)

Different shades (sepia, old/gray, etc.):

Make it look amplified if that makes sense:

I can make it look more clarified (like it looks fake):

And of course, text effects (make them look squigly, have shadows, etc.):

ANd a normal splash:

Custom Poses

I got kinda lazy with this one lol

Character Sheets

Just make sure to give me all the information (characters, text, font, border (optional), stickers (optional) etc.


hi, i would like a custom pose

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sure just send me the character you want and a picture online of how you want it to look, or describe how you want it to look

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question, do i need to give text for the custom pose

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oh no srry i should have been more specific lol

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oh lol ok


Brow:Defined Natural
hair:high ponytail (black)
eyess: alomand luxe (hikory)
face:soft heart
nose:soft natural
lips:full round (dusty rose

how I want the pose to be like (use the puppet, not the hand for an outline)

i will give credit to you

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okay, i might finish it today but tomorrow for sure

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also, any particular facial expression?

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a forced to smile expression

alright thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, I would like a character sheet.
I was wondering if you could make one for me - info : Name - Beatrix aka Bexx
Skin: Honey
Brow: Thick Flat
Hair: Longs Braids
Eyes:Round Bold
Face: Soft heart
Nose:Soft Natural

sure any specific pose? and limeligth or ink?

Ink, arms crossed, ear piercings, and nose piercing.

Nose piercing like this :

Also, I want these ear piercings with a black mesh choker :

Here hope this is okay as an outline

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or here’s a real outline whichever you want

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i dont mind which one :smile:

alright, I should be done with it by thurday

and i’m gonna need a background or i can find an ombre or watercolor one, you also missed the color of hair, eyes, and lips, you also need to put the outfit @blissa220

Hair color : Chestnut
Eye color : brown
Lip color: Taupe
Can you make clothes like this one in the center :

Here’s a base to help you out ( I still want the boots and the plaid button up over it) :

And can you please use a water color background that you have for me.

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Here you go. Sorry, it took a bit since the button up, wasn’t an actual outfit on episode. I made four different ones, two where she’s closer, two where she’s farther. Tell me which one you like

Character Sheets