Alanna's Edit and Splash shop (In hold)

Thanks I love :heart: them all!!!

Okay now I need these two on a new character sheet :

Her name is Tésin and his name is Jacksyn.

with those backgrounds and outfits or do you also want watercolor ones?

Here’s the girls char sheet I’m working on the dudes

Female Character Sheet

heres the dudes

Male Char Sheet

Perfect, can you put his name on it?
His name is Jacksyn

oh yeah sorry i totally forgot lol ill fix it rn

Thx :blush:

Here you go its fixed now

Male Character Sheet

Ahhhhh Yaaaassss queen :crown:

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Wait, wait, wait

His eyebrows are narrow, his hair is cropped back, and his face shape isn’t there.

There was no Narrow option on episode interactive. What I do is save the image of them doing a pose after I create the character. The eyebrows are in alphabetical order but there was no narrow see it would be after The eyebrows that start with M but it’s not there:

Uh wow okay

Sorry it’s thin arch, someone made these a while back and I’m writing a story based off their character edits and didn’t even notice . Can’t believe I didn’t catch on earlier smh :woman_facepalming:t5: Srry

I’ll change the information but I can’t change how it looks on the character

Here you go and it’s totally fine these things happen and it wasn’t that hard to change it


That’s completely fine, can you just add the face shape when you have time I’m not in a rush.

Oh my Gosh! I am so sorry I didn’t even see that ! Ill fic it right away!

The name of the hair is Short Cropped Hair