Alaric's 1 Wish Promotional/ Updates Post!

Hello everyone so as I have finished all the code for the first 3 chapter and will publish soon after the updates I decided to make a promo/ updates post.

Here I’ll update with chapter deadlines, promote things related to my story like giveaways for character art, etc. and I’ll share previews of new characters, up-and-coming chapters, and more.

This is solely for my story, do not promote your story here, that would be quite rude. And don’t add offers for your services here. You can however ask questions related to the story, ask for sneak peeks, share polls relate to “favorite characters”, “most hated characters” etc. and you can lastly talk about my story on this thread such as ranting about your favorite character pet, or worst/ weirdest species. Just no self-promo or offering your services on this thread.

Note: Some updates and sneak peeks will be found on my Instagram, so extra stuff you can find there.

Update 1, Date 7/16/2021- Today I’ll be publishing the worded trailer on my Instagram (if it lets me), I’ll be creating/ writing chapter 7, and the last story relating thing will be finishing art for a childhood story portion, where Alaric is telling/ giving a story to the children of Petrunich/ the area- kindgdom that Alaric resides in. (which I’ll put a preview of the art in the comments below). I also made a map of the story which I just have to label (made using which has many options, sharing in case anyone else wants o make maps).


I’ll be using the map in many scenes to point where events will take place, this will be the first scene in chapter 4 (since I haven’t uploaded it for approval yet, my bad)


I posted a worded trailer on my YouTube (see linktrees, it’s also on Instagram but Instagram has terrible quality) and I’ll be posting to preview/ sneak peak trailer asap. I also made some more art which will be in the story, 1 is on my Instagram the rest I have to put