Albino characters and how to do it

Hi everyone I wanted to tell you all about characters with albunism and how to properly add characters who have it in your story

I actually have albunism myself
And most common question are
Is it contagious
Why do you look that way
Why do you look black
You’re not albino because your hair is not light blonde
Why do your eyes move like that
Well all those are really hurtful

I saw a story I really liked but it had an albino character
And it was represented more as a disease
More than just being human
It’s true I have been bullied for having albinism
And I know alot of my friends who got bullied as well being called maynoise hair or something

Here’s the do’s & don’ts of adding a character with albunism


You need to understand were human
Most people at my school think I’m a freak because my eyes
But it’s just
A constant shaking of the eyes
It can be to the left or to the right or up and down
Here’s a gif to kinda give you some closure

I remember crying to my friends how everyone was bullying me…
I actually tried to commit self harm
But I’m ok now because I love myself

But the media sometimes portrays it as a disease and it’s honestly so weird lol

Because I remember joking to my friend that she might have nystagmus and she did it was a disease :joy::joy:

But all I will say is you need to treat your character as a human not a demon or a ghost
Unless that’s in ur story lol
But as a person
You don’t need to explain how this character has albunism
You don’t need a entire background check to the veiwer

If the veiwer asks just explain :slight_smile:

We’re just humans

Who sadly get bullied alot

And it’s not really fair

People mistake all albinos for looking like this

But there’s so much more to it

We can be any race

Have any hair color


We’re just people trying to get along
Just like anyone else :slight_smile:
If you’re going to represent anyone
Just remember
We’re all human here :slight_smile: :blush:

Peace out :joy:


Unless I’m wrong and a alien is among us :kissing_smiling_eyes: can never be too sureeer

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Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t you just shown people who have albinism with blonde hair in the pictures?

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Yeah sorry I meant different shades of blonde :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Sorry for the misunderstanding

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Or brown :joy:

But we can dye our hair :slight_smile:

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I have an Albino character myself, her name is Lily. She is the introverted shy girl of the class, and she likes art.


Hey. I actually did a story which had an albino character. Guess what, he is the main love interest in my story! I did touch a little on the past of bullying, but that’s it.
I may not know anyone personally with albinism, but when I was a med student, I came across some patients with albinism, and they are amazing! I don’t see albinism as a disease. It definitely isn’t a disease.
A disease if something you suffer and affects your daily living in a negative way. Being an albino definitely does NOT affect the way you live.
We are humans, and we may look different, but that’s it!
One of my mentor told this to us, but it doesn’t mean to offend anyone.
“We all love dogs, we don’t care how they look, we don’t care what breed they are, some are small, some are large, some had folded skin, some are furry, some have blindness, some have no limbs, but we love dogs! They are canine species”
So, we are homo sapiens no matter what!
Just keep being your awesome self! Never let anyone bring you down. :heart:
And I did include this sentence in my story for my albino character:
“If they do not have the same problem as you, their words don’t matter”


I agree, although I don’t have Albinism, I hate how people act like they’re aliens and bully them. Just because someone has a condition, disease, or disability doesn’t mean they any less human…

I also have a character with Albinism. :smile: :heart_decoration:


Lol she’s really pretty :smiley:

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:joy: wow that was deep
But it’s very true :ok_hand:
Everything on Earth is just trying to live :blush:

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Yeah I knew alot of kids who got bullied because of there looks :p. Or how they are lbgt
Uhhhh or how they act in public ?
Honestly I thought they just looked normal :question::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wow!! never knew people saw it as a disease…
Here in my country Suriname we call albino’s sometime White Gods.
We also have black people here who are born with natural blond or copper haircolor. (we call them the Nene’s)
plus the main character in my new story will be a Nene


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