The title says it all I have an albino character and I want people to tell me if this is a good look for her? and help me give her a personality because I’m so bad add it. if you don’t agree on something give me tips on how to improve because that will help me

Name: Diandra (I couldn’t think of a lastname if you have suggestions leave them here)
age: 19
enjoys: cooking for people , helping people
dislikes: crying people, disrespect
best friend: Melody xx
enemy: none

make character interessing exercice from @ShanniiWrites

  1. Favourite colour?

  2. Favourite food?
    she loves this so much :rofl:

  3. Biggest fear?
    Losing her memory

  4. Fondest memory?
    Meeting melody (her BFF)

  5. Worst memory?
    losing her mother

  6. The part they most like about themselves?
    the fact that she’s a albino is what she enjoys the most about herself. She thinks it gorgeous and she doesn’t care about people who say it isn’t

  7. The part they least like about themselves?
    the fact that she has no filter

  8. Sexuality?

  9. Parents’ names?
    Please help me with this I’m out of names suggestions are welcome!

  10. Biggest motivation in your story?
    Her will to help her best friend

  11. What makes them really angry?
    rude comments about her friends or family

  12. What makes them cry?
    rude comments about herself no matter how hard she tries she will cry

  13. Favourite person?

  14. Biggest flaw?
    to forgiving

  15. Biggest struggle in your story?
    proving herself. people are always walking away from her because they think that she looks wierd

  16. Most annoying quality?

  17. Most endearing quality?
    good sense of humor

  18. What makes them different/special?

  19. What purpose do they serve in the story?

  20. Why did you write them?
    I’m trying to create a different world and in that world everyone lives together peacefully. the world has a lot of magic and I needed to get a best friend for melody. however she needed to look completly different form melody but yet the same. this way they understood each other



Remember, being Albino makes them no different - hopefully that isn’t the reason you are struggling.

Jennifer and David Heath - However, this can depend on their nationality.

She should embrace being an Albino, explained below.

As you said you’re writing a world where everyone lives together peacefully. Now if you look up stories by Albinos, they often get bullied, especially if they look completely different from their parents or people in their society. This would be important to show in your story.

I’m assuming Melody and Diandra are going to go through similar experiences. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, the best way to make it realistic is to, unfortunately, find someone who has.

Good luck with your story.

I don’t think this is necessarily true, personally. Of course, there needs to be stories that show Albino people in this light because it is a reality, but not all people with Albinism have the same experience, and if you don’t want the story to be about the fact that she’s an Albino, you can make it seem just as normal as people without Albinism. People could be so used to seeing her and interacting with her that no one questions it anymore… or maybe they’re just open-minded enough. Normalising minorities in stories is a wonderful way to add diversity.

It’s kinda like how every story about gay people doesn’t have to be a coming out story. There can be stories about other aspects of that person’s life that doesn’t revolve around their sexuality.

@AWeirdo is probably your best bet with this kind of thing.


True, I did say at the beginning being Albino makes her no different.

However, it depends on what her story is about. That is just what I grasped from what she described.

@LaurelleE27 , @AWeirdo and @ShanniiWrites
first of all : I wasn’t struggeling with Diandra I was simpely out of time because I needed to go to school. the only part as to where I’m stuggling is the names. I always have trouble with that part of my characters
2. parents names could be possible. I will think about it thanks!
3 and 4 together: Diandra has no problem with being albino and the people around her don’t have that either. she’s proud of who she is and jes she did had a few nasty comments about her skin in her life but she doesn’t care about that. The reason for it? well she always says: Why should I care about the opinion of someone who doesn’t even want to know me? Like I said there aren’t a lot though. Yes it isn’t the main focus on the story about her being albino however this doesn’t give me a reason not to add it. she is just like everyone else has friends, goes to school, in her case have magic but that’s important to the story. the friend Melody I was talking about is someone she met when she was younger. they met at a playground and after that they became best friends I only have the LL version of Melody right now but this is how she should look like.

I don’t really agree with this part just like @ShanniiWrites said this isn’t that is always true. This character lives with people who are understanding and don’t see a difference. remember that those people exist aswell! not everyone has something agianst albino’s / gay people and so on.

Diandra looks fine, however, I would prefer is you gave her maybe a more blonder hair? Maybe try Platinum Blonde instead? Black Albino’s hair isn’t really that–light. Ours ranges from an orange tint to brown hair. And maybe do blush lips instead of white?

kinda like this?


Yes. :heart_decoration:

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Shouldn’t she have red eyes tho? I’m not an expert but…

If you haven’t done too much coding yet, maybe consider doing this story in LL? They have more character options that could make the albinism look more realistic (people with achromasia who are of African descent often have more yellowish hair while other ethnic groups have more whitish hair, their eyebrows would also be white/yellow, a lot of albino individuals develop freckles with sun exposure, all things you can do in LL).

Also I would say a big part of your character should be disability/blindness- the vast majority of people with albinism have severe problem with their eyesight or are legally blind. While I myself am colorblind, the experience of a blind person is vastly different from mine. Definitely find someone who is visually impaired to educate your story beats.


you know I’m writng my story in INK right now and I want to finish what I started. But I will also write my story in LL. and about the eyecolor I have read on a few websites that the eyecolor can be red or pale blue. I can try to add blindness but I need to find out more about it as I’m finding websites that tell me that they can have worse eye sight but they don’t say that this is the case for everyone.


Our eyes ranges from different colors, not just red.

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Thank you for telling others this info. :heart:

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Sorry I didn’t realize, I’ve only ever seen albinos depicted with red eyes

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