Alden in the stories GRACE/QUEEN

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So, uh, if any of you have read Grace, or Queen, you may know of Alden. And maybe, some of you hate him as much as I do. So, let’s talk about him.

  • I sincerely think that Alden is at fault for all that happened in Grace. His arrogant attitude and, “you’re mine” attitude brought a lot of shit towards Grace. INCLUDING, the fact that he had someone ASSAULTED because he was interested in Grace.
  • Another big thing - Mei. When she was introduced, I liked her. She was innocent, dragged into the same situation as Alden. She DID NOT seem like an evil bitch, at first, except maybe acting rude towards Grace (which, we have to see has negative, as she’s our MC). It was Alden’s fault that she went nutzo and tried to force herself on him. If maybe, he had just explained to her his situation. “Hey, I was dragged into this arranged marriage, just like you. Let’s keep this cordial, I’m sorry, but I can’t force myself to love you.”
  • AND US, AS THE READERS, are supposed to view Alden as one of the good guys. Despite the fact that HE is doing the SAME THINGS as his enemies. Kidnapping. Murdering. Just because we’re looking through his lens, we’re supposed to think he’s the good guy. While most of the time, he’s doing the same shit as the people we’re supposed to hate.

  • Now. Queen. I’m liking this entry so far, more than Grace, and maybe a bit more then Blake. Queen seems like a strong character, and she’s finally showing Alden some disrespect, as everyone should be doing.
  • But, Alden is still a Big Chad in this story. He’s really the main source of conflict. Queen wants to join his mafia. He says no, because she’s a girl. He’s kinda showing his true colors, isn’t he? That’s sexist as hell.
  • Alright, alright. My final point (for now). Alden is being a HUGE HYPOCRITE IN THIS STORY. He’s saying that his daughter, who clearly has the skills and desire to join the mafia, cannot. While his son, who really doesn’t seem like he WANTED to be the succesor, is forced to. ALL BECAUSE HE’S A DUDE! “Oh, my son? I don’t care as much about him. He’ll be heir to my mafia, where he could get tortured and murdered, and much worse. All because he was born with certain gentials! But my daughter? Oh, no. I care more about her, she can’t do these things, because she’s a girl! She can’t be tainted and turned into a savage murderer, but my son can, because who cares, right?”

I agree. I feel like she could’ve developed the character of Alden completely differently, leaning his personality towards his mom, who’s caring, instead of the dad who he hated and killed.

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Ugh, Alden was definitely the worst in that “Grace” story… all throughout I just couldn’t understand why we had to root for the same guy who’s done so many obviously bad things that even the villains were guilty of (kidnapping, vicious murder, torturing to the breaking point, etc.). Bad childhood or not, that ain’t a good enough excuse to be such a twisted & smug asshole especially for someone who’s supposed to be the main love interest -_- I really don’t get what Grace saw in him tbh… and poor Mei definitely deserved better than to be villainized so much for simply following orders on trying to be a good mafia wife (even if it didn’t fully excuse her bad actions later, it just wasn’t a fair narrative imho).

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Exactly. I went on a small rant on this on Instagram quite a while ago, and, said similar things.
The fact that he was abused, and that he loves Grace and Queen, does not make him a good person by proxy. He’s still an asshole.
And you know, be default, Grace, too. After Alden went bye-bye for pretty much a whole season, she took up his mantle, and did a lot of the same, shitty things that he did, too.

I dunno. Grace is really my least favorite entry to far, really because of Alden and Grace. How much of a hypocritical, disgusting person Alden is, and how Grace stuck with him, despite of what he did.
At least Liam became a better person throughout Blake, and throughout Grace. Alden has not changed one bit, not even by Queen.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I had alot of problems with Grace as a character too… like, what exactly was it about Alden that made him so damn special to her? What did they even have in common to connect over outside of being childhood playmates & their parents knowing eachother, honestly? -_- Her constant clinginess over him got old so quickly for me that tbh part of me wishes that Alden never woke up from his coma to begin with; he obviously wasn’t a good influence for Grace and he only seemed to keep driving the important parts of her life away (her family, friends, school life, etc.). Quite sad if you ask me… especially since Liam and Blake were nowhere near this dysfunctional in comparison, even with their flaws and past mistakes in both the first and second book.

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