*ALERT - New Story Idea*

So I am Creating this new story called “Titillating Twins of Temptation” and I just want some advice on what the plot should be (I’ve got some ideas but I don’t know whether they are good enough).


  • The main character is called Lily, but when she was little she was called Cherry. She changed her name because the only thing she could remember was the fact that she liked Lily’s -> She has retrograde amnesia from her traumatic past… I won’t go into much detail because It’s all in the story
  • The Other, 2 main Characters are twins and they changed their names as well, but for different reasons. They was in the same place that Lily was in -> they used to be called Sky and Rose but then changed, to Aj and August.
  • So basically Lily, years later is living a normal life, still not knowing her past and she starts college.
  • Then the cliche happens when the twins are in the same college as well. They recognise her but she doesn’t. Then SPOILERS

So for the plot I was thinking that the twins trick Lily, into trying to find the man who was behind the torturing they had suffered in the past, hunt him down and kill him. Or get him caught doing some illegal act… something along those lines

What do you guys think… Ask me ANYTHING!!!
Any Advice would be so helpful right now



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Maybe it would be cool if the main character Lily has secret powers, and the man who tortured her wanted intel on that or something. Are you trying to make your story realistic fiction, or just fiction in general?

That is such a great idea!! I was going to make the story into a realistic fiction but i think doing this will make more sense :blush: tysm x

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Np glad to help! :blush:

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