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Hello my name is alex (not really just a fake name I use) I have found a love for art and I want to share my talent with everyone I can do cover,splash,character edits,background edits and overlays I do not have a lot of examples of them since I lost all my art when my computer broke but any way here are some of my examples

My art examples

Like I send there is only a few examples but more will come

How to request

Just commet down what u want

How long will your oder take

For covers and splash and character edit if you give me the character in the pose screen shotted I will get it done in 1-30 minutes but if you don’t it take me 1-5 hours

When am I open


Thats all I think

with love~
Your amazing artist

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Hi, i would like to request something for my upcoming story i was wondering if you can make me splashes and a cover??

If yes: Can i please have 4 splashes please


Warning this story uses strong language and mature scenes!! Please be aware!!

Background for Splash 1:

Large or small: Small


Please add me on instagram for sneak peeks and updates khmer.writes

Background for Splash 2:
Instagram Logo

Large or small: Small


    To be continued..

Background for Splash 3:

Brick wall with the bad girl face on it i will show you a example

Both characters winking

Large or small: Small

And this last splash is kinda not a splash more like a cover…

Both main characters flirting with each other

Title: Bad Girl’s Love

By: Rhyannah Thach

Background: Can i have like a bad girl/ bad boy theme background please

Large or small: Small

Thank you!!!


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For their outfits i really don’t care but can you make it related to the characters description that I put on top of the image… And also the bad girl wears glasses…

Thank you!!


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Hello I’d love to request and overlay. I just want a pair of dark colored hands with the tattoos from eoisode platform on his arm doing something like putting both of his hands on his pregnant wife’s stomach. I just need the hand overlay doing that :slight_smile: I will definitely give you credit

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Can I get a cover
Also I have requested on another request thing but I promise you your work will not go to waste i’m Going to ask my group what they think and choose the best one and i’ll use all the covers before the story is over I only got one other cover

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Its ok i do not care whether people uses my art


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Ok thank you

I have lost all my work since my parenta took my computer

Feedbacks please

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry folks. Topic closed as the op has been suspended. Thanks!