Alexia's Art Thread [CLOSED] ♡


Hi! I’m not too good with art since I started less than a week ago (lol), but a few people have told me they like my art!

I am taking requests for covers and splashes only (large covers and small covers both). Please don’t hate on my art, I know it’s not the best but I did try :slight_smile:


I’ll be adding more as I make more, please keep in mind that I’ve only started less than a week ago, and I’m still improving! Also, I know my watermark isn’t that big, steal my art if you want lol, it has no benefit to you and people will find out!


For Cover:
Author Name (so i can put “by ____” on it):
Story Title:
Color Theme:
Background? (or tell me a color for it if you want it to be solid):
Character Details:
Character Outfit:
Character Animation:
Other Notes:

For Splash:
What kind of Splash? (this story uses sound, thanks for reading, follow my insta, etc):
Background? (or tell me a color for it if you want it to be solid):
Other Notes:

For Splash if you want a character on it:
Character Details:
Character Outfit:
Character Animation:
Other Notes:

Just be patient haha and don’t hesitate to ask for changes.


Program: Photoshop CS6
Does It Cost Money?: Yes, it’s quite expensive so I wouldn’t recommend buying it unless you and your family is okay with you spending a lot of money on it.
Do You Have To Do that Cursive Thing?: No, haha, but I think it’s cute and adds a nice touch to it! I can make your covers/splashes without it if you’d like.
Can You Edit Limelight?: Yes, I just don’t have examples I can put on this thread. I can edit LL just not as good as I can edit INK.
Insta: @bocagive

Again I’m not the best (for sure not the best), but I do like editing and I think it’s fun! I hope you like my art and request if you would like one. :purple_heart:


It’s not gonna die that fast girlie

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Ahhh they’re beautiful!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


thank you so much! :purple_heart:


Hi I see you’ve requested on multiple threads? Out of respect of @stronglcve I recommend you choose one as all artists hate to see their hard work go down the drain.


you shouldn’t be requesting on multiple artist’s threads, it’s disrespectful towards the artists and their time. i recommend you pick one that you would like to do your cover instead of asking multiple artists to do your work and only using one of theirs. thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Could I have a small cover please? Thank you so much! Take your time and enjoy yourself!!:two_hearts::two_hearts::kissing_heart:

Here is everything!-
Author Name (so i can put “by ____” on it): Jannice
Story Title: Royaly Forbidden
Color Theme: Cute// Tumblr-ish// Whatever you think is best
Background? (or tell me a color for it if you want it to be solid): Inside a castle
Character Details: Skin- Tan/ Brow- Thin curved/ Hair- Straight- Gray/ Eyes- Upturned Feline- Purple/ Face- oval/ Nose- Elven/ Lips- Full round- Mocha
Character Outfit: Wedding Long Sleeve Lace Top (Dusty Purple)/ Poofy Wedding Skirt (Dusty Purple)/ Royal Princess Tiara
Character Animation: talk_afraid
Other Notes: Can you try and have the queen standing between her (the princess) and the normal guy? I will leave their character details. Take your time!!!<3333
QUEEN’S DETAILS- skin-tan/ Brow-Mature Round/ Hair- Long Slicked Back- Chestnut/ Eyes- Upturned luxe- Purple/ face- oval/ Nose- Elven/ lips- Mature Medium- Bordeaux
GUY’S DETAILS- skin- tan/ Brow- Thin arch/ Hair- Short Cropped Hair- Charcoal/ Eyes- Stoic Almond- Blue/ Face- defined triangle/ Lips- Uneven- blush

Queens outfit- Red Dress Heels/ Royal Crown Queen/ Light Blue Formal Victorian Dress
Guy’s Outfit- Ripped Punk Pants/ Red High Top Dance Shoes/ Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey White

Queens Animation- arms_crossed_angry
Guy’s Animation- mortified

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You were recommended on a post so when I checked out your edits I literally fell in love with them so it would be awesome if I used one of your edits if that is okay. I won’t be posting the story until the start of July so take all the time you need if you decide to make it :blush: .

Author Name: Ciara L.
Story Title: My Only Sin
Color Theme: Purple/Black
Background: Grey-ish clouds
Character Details:

  • Female INK
    Body: Fair
    Eyebrows: Defined Natural
    Hair: Beach Wave (Black)
    Eyes: Upturned Feline (Blue)
    Face: Soft Heart
    Nose: Soft Natural
    Mouth: Classic (Cherry Red)
    Character Outfit: Maroon Belted Shirt Dress, Bohemian Outfit Slouchy Fringe Boots

  • Male INK
    Body: Tan
    Eyebrows: Thin Arch
    Hair: Short Cropped Hair (Chestnut)
    Eyes: Stoic Almond (Green)
    Face: Defined Triangle
    Nose: Button
    Mouth: Uneven (Terracotta)
    Character Outfit: Black Sleeveless Tee, Ripped Punk Pants, Cool Leather Jacket, Stitch Boots (Black)

Character Animation:
-Female: The end of (talk_doubtful)
-Male: The end of (talk_doubtful)

Other Notes:
-The characters are facing each other

-The characters hate each other so if you have an idea on how to emphasise it, feel free to.

-Both covers

Thanks x

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Accepted! I’ll let you know when it’s done :two_hearts:

Question: For the princess, you want the hair color to be “charcoal”?

Accepted! I’ll let you know when it’s done :sparkling_heart:

Ill remove it
im sorry

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SORRY :cry: :sob:

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it’s okay, don’t worry! just please pick one artist unless they say they can’t do it, because if you request multiple there will be a lot of artists wasting their time and effort for a cover that you won’t even use…

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… I almost have my third episode finished ;-;…

okay? if 5 different artists you asked for a cover on make you a cover, you can only use one. you basically wasted all their time and effort. :sweat:

Can I submit a request?

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Of course, just fill out the form above. :two_hearts:

For Splash:
Can I have a splash with this Story uses sound.
And then one that says strong language and themes?
I would like the color to be anything kind of dark if that’s okay with you

I will post a picture of the character details but any stripper like outfit will do!

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Accepted! Do you have an idea for the outfit? Idk what to do. :joy:

Hmm let me go look real quick…