Alex's General Topic



Hey guys, it’s ALEX! So I used to be on this coding forum and they would make general topics where they would talk about stuff and have fun and I wanted to bring it to this forum. So in this topic we can chat and have fun! But we have 3 main rules:

  1. No Swearing - We do not tolerate cursing, blur, or *.

  2. Keep It 8 year old appropriate - Pretend that a 8 year old will be looking at every message that you post.

  3. No Bullying - No harsh words, drama, or what we called it on the old forum I was in ‘flame wars’.

Lastly - Have fun!


Okie, I’ll start, hello!


hola, D


whens you guys birthday (you’ll see why i am asking)


october 6


You’re zodiac sign is a Libra




Just for privacy reasons I don’t want to say mine, but I’m Cancer! :smirk:




Lol! :joy:




I changed it, sry! :laughing:


Its fine!!


Anyways, let’s talk about summer!!!


What are you guys going to be doing?


Ima going on beaches, California, this nearby amusement park…and of course, writing Episodes and playing ROBLOX! :joy:


I have to do 2 theater shows!!


Heading to a TON of beaches, because why not, and I have my annual dance show tomorrow!

Btw, proud gemini over here! June 8th :raised_hands:t2:


Oh my, my—aren’t you guys busy. I’m pretty much going to be lounging about at home, desperately trying to finish writing the seventh episode of my story. -____-

Also, April 19th—I’m an Aries! :aries:


I only have the two theater shows in July - So for the rest of the summer I’m FREE.