Algebra 1 help! Please

help i’m taking algebra one and my teacher is batshit crazy and she acts like we are college level cause she is an ex professor

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So what exactly is the problem? Are you confused on homework?

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Yes on everything

multi step equations then we have to graph it

Okay well we will need a bit more info before we can try and help

We could probably walk you through a practise question if you post one. :+1:

says Scarlet, despite not having done any algebra for 6 years :joy:

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some people on this could help you

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I did algebra 1 last year, ending the year with a B, so I might be able to help you. Depends on what it is!

bad teachers suck.

if your brave you could ask why is he teaching since he act like he dont like to

Not to be off topic but Algebra os easier that pre algebra so it’ll be easier later

Sadly, if you know what ixl is, he didn’t teach us at all (last years teacher) ended up getting fired, cause all he did was teach us IXL. I was one of the few that very luckily (idk how the heck I did) but passed the end of the year test (SOL), so I moved onto algebra. I cannot go back to pre algebra as I passed the SOL, So I am really struggling.

@Olivia_Yeah @Scarlet_Sapphire @lexiplaysepisode Thanks so much! Will ask you when I have homework

@line123462 I am NOT brave enough, :joy:

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Hey! I just passed Algebra 1 last year with A’s and tutored a couple of people who needed to pass, so I should be able to help you.

Let me know what kind of methods you prefer (written and organized notes for future reference/do it and figure it out along the way) so I can devise you your own kind of learning.

I have IXL and I hate it :confused: we also had Iready like that was bobo!

my mother forking math teacher teaches out of the book like come on u have been teaching for 30 FORKING YEARS

i am on lesson 2-4

I might be able to help you, I am taking Algebra this year and so far I have done pretty good.

Life hack: if the exercises are in a book, then chances are the answers are either on the back of the book or online. The answers usually have the explanations too, that’s how I passed algebra.

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