Alicë || Aesthetic Splashes [OPEN] 😍

Aesthetic Splashes [Open]

Haii, my name’s Alice - technically on Episode. I love drawing, art is my most favourite subject of all time and I would be looking forward to sharing my creativity with all of you.
Mostly, I make “fan-edits”, though I like to learn and be courageous in new things rather than just one topic. I’m guessing you could say I have a wide-range full of imaginativity.
I am deeply (in-love) interested in “AESTHETIC” and “TUMBLR” so I tend to assemble edits according to that theme.

What is a “Splash”?
To say the truth, I’m bad at defining complex words but I’ll try my hardest…
Alright, a “Splash”: is a short custom-made background used in a few stories. They display whether strong-language, sexual scenes, (not getting serious) flashing lights as they can affect people, sounds/music, informing your story fans about anything, basically a miniscule reminder within your story.
Here’s an example of a “Splash” I made:

^^ || I personally judge in my head if ‘thats’ really… a good splash but I can always improve. :yellow_heart:
If you don’t like my art-work, it would be appreciated if you kept your opinions to yourself… :slight_smile:

Non Related Artworks I Made:

I love Ari, but I’m not obssessed. :skull_and_crossbones:

Comment below if you would like a Splash made, I would really appreciate it. :hugs:


Your art is gorgeous! Just make sure the splashes are the right size :wink:

Hint: 640x1136

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Thank you so much! The hint especially. :hugs:

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I love your splashes! I don’t need one yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll come to this thread!

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:yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Ahhh these are beautiful!! Can I request some splashes?

hello can I request.