Alicia and Melly's Art Shop! :blob_hearts: (OPEN) ✨

Here’s ur req hope u like it!


I love it! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes: :heart:

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I can’t do side profile

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Ok hold on ill find something

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Hows this? The guy can be smirking and the girl can look annoyed?

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Pass: Don’t be shy put some more

  • What does it say? This story includes mini games
  • Font: Any!
  • Color: hot Pink
  • Anything else? Nope
  • When do you need it by? (Be specific) by march 18th
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i’m not taking more requests rn, btw didn’t u already request?

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You r very confusing! did u not request an drawn splash from me?

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I think i have request a draw splash from you
Edit: But now i’m requesting a text overlay :blob_hearts:

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Here’s ur request hope you like it :two_hearts:

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Love it thank you


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do you still want me to do this?

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Hey melly can you put me as Avaliable im gonna start doing requests again.



  • What are you requesting? Art Scene
  • How many character? One
  • style (INK or LL) INK
  • Drawn/edited Drawn
  • What are their deets and outfit?
    Brow- Seductive Arch
    Hair- Black and Red Braid Updo
    Eyes- Almond Luxe (brown)
    Face- Defined Round
    Nose- Perky
    Lips- Classic (Bordeaux)


Outfits- Police Outfit with Black shoes

  • Pose

  • Background

  • When do you need it by (Be specific) As soooon as possible. I don’t want to rush you but let’s say next week?

Password is Don’t be shy put some more

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heyy you will receive your edit shortly!

password: must be blurred! Don’t be shy put some more
What are you requesting? Splash
What does it say? Follow Me @tre.episodes on IG for sneak peeks and updates
How many characters? (If any) 2
style (INK or LL) ink
what are their deets and outfit? (If any)


Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 3.20.04 PM -levi tattoos are on the LL card

Miracle outfit

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 11.43.45 PM

Levi outfit

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 11.47.33 PM

Drawn/edited : drawn
pose (if custom leave a reference) (if any)





Any tattoo, piercing etc? ^^
When do you need it by? (Be specific)
Whenever you complete

@sxnnyraiin Haii here’s your complete request! Lmk if you want to change anything :two_hearts:

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