Alicia and Melly's Art Shop! :blob_hearts: (OPEN) ✨

What pose are you having trouble with

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Here’s ur request! Sorry for the wait, hope you like it:))


The male one

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hello! how are y’all? hope everything is fine…

  • What are you requesting? - intro/ ontro (if the final product could be send without any background and in the PNG format i’d appreciate a lot :))
  • How many characters? - 4 (if this is okay for you guys I know it’s a lot of it’s a lot to handle please let me know!)
  • style (INK or LL) - LL
  • here’s their faces (if you need the exact deets lmk) & the clothes you can inspire yourself to draw (don’t need to be the exact same to the episode style ones)

Girl with blue eyes - Brianna
Guy with tanned skin - Preston
Girl with curls - May
Guy with ash blonde hair - Aiden

  • description: since it’s four characters i’d like something simple ofc, no complicated or specific pose. i’d like to be waist up! overall that’s all… omg this is hard idk what to say dkasnkjf i could describe a little bit of their personalities for u, and maybe that way it’ll be easier to actually came up with something since i don’t have any pose reference or something :,) *nervous

passoword: Don’t be shy put some more

Hey you can change it to this one

hello! i just requested something but apparently, you’re currently not available, right?
sorry I totally missed it :sickburn:

Wow it’s so beautiful <3 tysm! Do you mind sending me the version without the title on? I kinda want to do the thing where I transition the title on to the art :heart::kissing_heart:

Due all respect…Are your Art works free?
Hope I didn’t offend you…

They are free but they are closed

Hey are you guys still open? (Just checking)

hey! is this art shop still accepting requests?

Yes but not accepting rn

Not atm

Could you please tag me when your accepting requests again?

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Hi, are you taking request now, i want a art scene

@cheyenne13 and @julan - @Noone_epi is leaving Forums and @melaniesmall’s requests are closed.

Oh okay thank you for telling me

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