Alicia and Melly's Art Shop! :blob_hearts: (OPEN) ✨

hey @melaniesmall are your requests full atm or are u still accepting? :blob_hearts:

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You need to actually write out their outfits. And you need to include a pose.

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I have a few requests B4 urs it won’t take me days :joy:

request accepted

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Okay! I have no rush!!

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thank youu :heart:

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Artist: @melaniesmall :butterfly:

  • password: don’t be shy add some more
  • What are you requesting? drawn outro
  • Style (INK or LL) LL
  • Drawn/edited Drawn
  • How many character? Two
What are their deets and outfit?

Screenshot 2021-05-01 16.21.57

Screenshot 2021-05-01 16.39.14


Screenshot 2021-05-05 17.41.23

  • Background No bg, transparrent please (like an overlay)
  • Any tattoo, piercing etc? Butterfly tat on forearm (female), eyebrow piercing (male)
  • When do you need it by (be specific) less than 2 weeks if possible :))

Lmk if you’re avaliable totally understand if your not

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amazing! thank u :blob_hearts:

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  • password: must be blurred!

Don’t be shy put some more

either one of these is fine

her face:
she can be crying from one side of her face

  • background
    down below
  • Any tattoo, piercing etc?
    all extras are on the card
  • When do you need it by? (Be specific) 1 to 2 months

glass pngs you can use for the 2nd one

if the second one could i also get one without glass
in the first one it can be :

for either one you do she should be crying from one side

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since it’s that far I’ll do it.

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If you’d like to be tag when I open up lmk :heartbeat:

ok thank you :smile:

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@scarlettm here’s your request! Lmk if you want anything change :two_hearts: I haven’t drawn in a while so I’m suprise with the outcome :sweat_smile:


I love it! It’s perfect. Thank you so much! :blob_hearts:

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your welcome!

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which face expression do u want her to have?

a sad one

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@ciaraxoxoc is the pose okay? Also I didn’t forget abt the face expression I can draw it on