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I don’t deserve this kindness either :clown_face:

Aye Im a queen :crown: been waiting for dis moment :pensive::nail_care:t2:

Now let’s stop spamming this PM me if you wanna continue :chipmunk:


thank you jeebs :relaxed::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

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Hey! I’m Bella and you were recommended to me and I LOVE your work!

I was wondering if you could make me a cover?

Password: electrical

So obviously it will be in ink and here are the details

Black studded Sneakers
Black short onesie top
Black shorts bottom
Gold biker jacket

So sorry for the quality

Skin: fair
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Hair: Black and straight
Eyes: Upturned Bold and Hickory
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Classic and Crimson

Background: EXT.FIRE-NIGHT
Title: You’re A Freak
Author: Bella
Pose: Flirt_wink_forward
Extra: This doesn’t have to happen but if you could, please put a knife strapped to her right leg (the leg on the left in the picture)

I totally understand if you can’t do this coz you are clearly very popular
Bella X

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I don’t think weapons of any sort can be in a cover so is it good if I don’t include it?
And you will be on the waiting list :black_heart::relaxed:

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Of course!!! And thank you soo much! What kind of credit do you want in my story?

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Just my forums name!!

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@nicole.eats.chicken did you already out your request in here? If so could you quote it?

No problem, :slight_smile:


hi!! would i be able to place a request? (i forgot to come back earlier, sorry :sob:), and if so, could i request something similar to a drawn cover but without any text on it? (i would use it as an outro for my story and add text overlays), and if thats possible then heres my form:

Character details-

girl 1

body: toffee

brow: defined natural

hair: straight (fawn)

eyes: upturned bold (toffee)

face: round

nose: elven

lips: full round (rose)

girl 2

body: olive

brow: defined natural

hair: classic bob (strawberry blonde)

eyes: upturned feline (hickory)

face: oval

nose: aquiline

lips: full round (taupe)


girl 1

could it be something like this if possible?(without the sunglasses)

girl 2

something similar to this (the extra random details dont have to be included, lmao)


could it be something like this? (if this is too difficult i can find another one, just lmk)


would it be possible for it to be a PNG so that i can use it as an overlay and like…fade it in if that makes sense?
if not then something like this:


Extra details-


can girl 1 be wearing earrings (pretty much any kind)?

thank you so much !! <3

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I will need a different pose I can’t do side views :relaxed::black_heart:

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would it be possible for it to be the same pose but with them facing + looking at each other? if not i can find another pose

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Yeah I can make that happen :black_heart:

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Hey guys
Y’all’s request are going to be late… My step dad’s father is dying and I’m not taking it easy so I’m sorry :pleading_face: but I will do them I promise :pleading_face: :black_heart:


Awww Ali dont worry about it thats way more important than a splash :pleading_face: take as much time as you need :sneezing_face:

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Character details-Body=Female Athletic=Neutral 04, Brow= Arched Natural=dark brown, Hair=Double Bun Half Down Hair=black dark, Eyes=Female Generic=Brown dark, Face=Diamond, Nose=Defined Natural, Lip=Full Round Pouty= Beige Rose



Background- Same as pose bg!

Extra details-Have tattoos and nose stud

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Omg i’m sorry if you can’t complete my request it’s okay!!

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@tre.episodes thank you :black_heart: I’ll make sure I get it done though! After I’m done with these requests I’m gonna close down this shop :sweat_smile:

@NeahM I cant take anymore requests after the four I already have, and thank you :black_heart:


omg it’s totally fine, please take your time and don’t rush yourself

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Thank you :relaxed::black_heart:

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