Alicias outline contest

hey people so I am doing a outline contest for my story
you can do it how ever you want, you can also make the outfit. If you want to help with a art scene in my story the details are
right here

Background: Bar (blur it a bit if you could)

if you wanna do the love intrest here are these his deets
skin: peach
eye color: green
mouth color: blush
extras. freckles

If you wanna do the brother of the MC
skin: peach
hair color: cayenne
eyes: toffe
lips: terracotta
eyebrows: just do them a bit thicker

(i kinda need at least two with these details because i cannot draw or shade for crap)


  1. you must leave my water mark :crazy_face:
  2. dont keep it as your own, but if you do ask me first :v:
  3. dont steal others art work :dizzy_face:
  4. Dont throw shade at other art work :slightly_smiling_face: foul language kids :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

the outline

The winner will get a part in my story (only if you want)
you CAN change the outline you want like moving the eyes the way you want them adding tattoos too (let me approve of the tattoo first), and add some nice extra details that you would like it to have.


Joining!, I’m not that great but I think I’ll give a shot at helping!. I think I’ll do the love interest’s details. :blush: :purple_heart:

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Its fine! and thanks you for joining the due at is by the end of this month :hugs: :blue_heart:
have fun with your edit!!!

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Sounds good! thanks!

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Joining, I suck at males but whatever :joy:

I might join :slightly_smiling_face:

@AnaliyahWrites just give it a shot :blue_heart: i suck at males too :blush:

@Yuke i hope you do!

due date is the end of the month :grin: :hugs:

Here’s my entry :confounded: Wasn’t sure what extra dts he has besides freckles :woman_shrugging:t5:.

Click me at your own risk


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Just the freckles and i really like the slits in the eyebrows, It is so cute :blue_heart:

Thank you for entering girl :crazy_face:

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Thanks for the great outline, this was good practice and I’ve kind if been on a outline coloring spree :grimacing::joy:.
Glad you like it :blush:

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you can always ask me for some outlines to practice with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Could you change the background if you can?
If so can you change it too a bar but kinda blurred :blue_heart:

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Would you prefer INT.BAR or INT.NIGHTCLUB-BAR ?


Here it is, I tried to blur it as best as I could :grimacing:

Lol, I didn’t see your response because you didn’t tag me or reply directly to my post :sob:

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