Aliens [RP] Official Thread



ALIENS: You’ve lived on Mars your whole life with a large group of aliens who are like family to you. All of you are teenagers and treat each other like siblings. But, the space station that lets you have oxygen is breaking. The only choice is to move to Earth. What will happen when you move to Earth? What will you do when scientists and reporters are testing you? What will you do with all the high school drama?

HUMANS: You’ve lived on Earth your whole life. The summer vacation has just ended and today is the first day of school. What will happen when you see some “strange” people? Humans who don’t know what the heck phones, cars, traffic laws are. Who are these people, and what are they doing on your planet? Guess you’ll have to find out…

Note: Unlike the humans, the aliens also have powers. They can teleport and can communicate with each other using their mind. If you are using mind communication, please state that in your posts.


Now, let’s begin! : )

ALIENS: It is morning. Your spaceship has just landed on a grassy patch on Earth. The sky is filled with clouds. One by one, you file out of the spaceship and start to explore your new home.

HUMANS: It is 7:00 A.M., and it is pretty cloudy outside. You have just woken up, and are getting ready for the first day of school.

Things you should know:

  • The setting is in a town called Roseville.
  • The school’s name is Roseville High School.
  • Remember, the aliens do not know anything about Earth (yet), other than the fact that humans occupy it!

The aliens have NOT met the humans yet! They have just gotten out of the spaceship. As you probably have guessed, this means that the humans have not seen or met the aliens either. Also, I’m really sorry that it was so short, I have something planned!

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ORP: It’d be a good idea to include the face claims on this thread so it’ll be easier to see the characters without having to go to the sign ups. Just an idea though. ;p


I just added it, sorry I forgot hehe


~ Rain ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rain steps off the ship, being carried on her brothers back. She didn’t trust the ground, what if it fell? What if it cracked and they fell to the core of Earth.

~ Snow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snow rolls his eyes, and steps off the ship. He looks around for someone with answers.

ORP : They are together, approachable by other Aliens.


Hrothgar Gagarin
Hrothgar cautiously exits the spaceship and turns to see the new landscape.
He hears a rustle behind him.
Is that an alligator?
He whirls around to see a squirrel, then lets out a sigh.
I’m safe.

ORP: Approachable


ORP : I should of asked this earlier, sorry, but I am curious if anyone would like to date / close friends with my Mordicai - human.


Alia Woods

She jumped out of bed, a little excited, and also a little nervous, for the first day of school. She changed into something casual, brushed her teeth, and headed downstairs for breakfast.

After finishing her meal, she grabbed her bag and headed outside. She locked the front door and started walking to school.

Zrolat Espath

“WE’RE FINALLY HERE!” Zrolat yelled loudly as he exited the spaceship. Some other aliens gave him a weird look, while others laughed. He looked down. What is this green thingy I’m standing on? He thought. He bent down and started to smell it…

ORP: Both approachable!


Alia could be a close friend?


ORP : Yeep

~ Mordicai ~ ~ ~ ~

Mordicai honks his horn, driving up in a old fashioned convertable blue bug, “Alia, darling, walking to school was soo like two months ago.” Mordicai just got his licence, and made sure to show it off every chance he got.

ORP : @Purple Rose


She was so nervous getting off the spaceship. She spent the whole time on the ship alone. She got off and looked around, scared.

He was walking to school.




She heard a honk and she whirled around, startled. She was relieved when she saw it was just Mordicai. She walked up to him. “You got your licence? That is so cool.”



~ Mordicari ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Yep, car too. It’s like hecka old, but it works. You want a ride, it’s going to cost you.”


I step off the ship and look around.”Oh my stars look at this.”
ORP: Approchable
I wake up and get dressed for the school day. ”Another day in my boring school.”

ORP: Approchable



“Cost me, huh?” she said, her lips curling into a small smile. “What do you want, then?”


Jaylen Zuluda

She stepped out of the spaceship, bag in hand, with Peanut inside. She looks around, and looks in her bag, noticing Peanut’s head sticking out a little. She raises a hand and places a finger on her lips, implying Peanut to keep it down. She pushes her puppy’s head slight into her bag a little more, before whispering "You have to keep it down, Peanut. I’m not sure if they allow dogs in the new school. She turns back around, and takes a step on the peculiar looking green spiky thing on the ground. What does it do? Is it dangerous? These questions bothered Jaylen very much, and she wished she could turn her brain off for a bit. She smoothed out her outfit and continued walking on the mysterious green landcape.

ORP: Approachable! ;p


I see a girl walking around.“Maybe she can help me out.”"Hey excuse me can I talk to you.



She continued walking until she heard a voice from behind her. She turned around and noticed another alien talking to her. She didn’t expect someone to speak to her, but she didn’t mind. “Well, you are talking to me now.” she says, smirking. Then she says after, “I’m just playing. What do you need?”



I laugh.“I’m just so confused where the heck are we.” I look around all the green stuff on the ground.


Hrothgar Gagarin
He sees Acadia get off the spaceship, and walks up to her.
She was looking as scared as he felt.
“It smells nice here, doesn’t it?”

@Ella (Acadia)


She looked up at Hrothgar, who spoke to her. She nodded slightly, wanting the conversation to end immediately.