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ALIENS: You’ve lived on Mars your whole life with a large group of aliens who are like family to you. All of you are teenagers and treat each other like siblings. But, the space station that lets you have oxygen is breaking. The only choice is to move to Earth. What will happen when you move to Earth? What will you do when scientists and reporters are testing you? What will you do with all the high school drama?

HUMANS: You’ve lived on Earth your whole life. The summer vacation has just ended and today is the first day of school. What will happen when you see some “strange” people? Humans who don’t know what the heck phones, cars, traffic laws are. Who are these people, and what are they doing on your planet? Guess you’ll have to find out…

So, in this RP, you’ll make two characters, one alien and one human, and one male and one female so the genders are even. You can make as many characters as you want, but please remember to keep the alien/human and male/female balanced.

Also, unlike the humans, the aliens have powers. They can teleport and they can also communicate with each other with their mind.

Note: Some parts of this roleplay was inspired by the story Aliens on Episode. I recommend you read it!

ANOTHER NOTE: The aliens do NOT know anything about Earth besides the fact that humans live on it.




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could you please change Acadia’s age to 14? She would still be the youngest - but closer to everyone elses age :blush:


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Could I make Mordcai a human?


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I might submit Jaylen again because I want to develop more on her character.
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Reserve for two.


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Hey guys! I’ve decided to add a deadline for signups, since they’ve been open for over a month now. The deadline for signups is Thursday, March 22, 2018. The RP will begin the day after that.

Tagging everyone who hasn’t signed up:

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I love that episode Aliens I’m sad that she stopped writing on there.




I was really looking forward and enjoying Aliens 2 as well.


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