Alima’s Free Editing Shop (Free, hiring and open!)

Ok, I’ll make a start on it later on or something

Sounds good!


Hey I’m done, how’s this?

IG splash

Perfect. Do you need my username for the IG?

Awesome and yes because how else people supposed to know how to contact you if they want help from you?


Oh, I can make it again if you want

No need, my username just needs to be entered in

Ik, I can change it

Thanks! Also how am I crediting you?

No problem and you can credit me on here or on IG @alima.episode123

I completely forgot about 1 more request.
Same background from the other one, but with “Take screenshots of your favorite moments & tag me on IG at @episode_writes20


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Let me know when the first one is done so I can enter it in.

I’m done

Ig splashes

I love it! :blue_heart:


Making sure my shop stays open, I made another text overlay


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Umm are you sure this is the right Insta ID
Cause I don’t remember anyone got Insta ID as same as mine @/braimbo 99

@Rosie-2020 Are you sure this is the right Username?