Alima’s Free Editing Shop (Free, Not hiring & open!)

Her IG is episodewrites_20

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Then why is there written @braimbo99 ?
Was it just for example? I’m really sorry for the confusion if that was the case :sweat_smile:

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It was an mistake but I changed it now


Hehe I am sorry :sweat_smile:

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It’s ok


I made this amazing splash for someone!


Art Request for @Alima.episode

How many : 8
Copyright free bg of you’re choice and give us a reference/picture ; Chapter 1-3, Start, End, Skip, Recap & Credits button. Would you like the Chapter’s names? Is the “Please be advised” considered a splash?
Font type and colour (any font you want but post reference/picture please) : Cursive or Handwritten Font. I can provide some as well… If you prefer another font I have plenty. Blue & Green in Astro aesthetic

Character details if you want them on the splash : No characters necessary.
Character outfit details : No characters necessary.
Anything else : Astro colors like blue, green, & purple.
Deadline : June 18, 2023

Hold on, you need 8 splashes?!

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Sorry, Typo there… no it was optional for either one. So pick which one you like

So how many splashes do you actually need? Because I’m getting a bit confused here and is the background copyright free? If it’s from google or Pinterest, you can’t use it but if it’s from an copyright free website (Pixabay, unsplash etc etc) then you can use it

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So The font I provided i have a license for I used fontbundles where you get thousands for free and it comes with the license. I was referencing a splash like this one you created…
May I just have 3 splashes for the episode chapters? Or do this splash have a background?

I’m sorry if I’m confusing you. Should I just pm you?

Good idea, I’ll pm you since there’s no message button on my profile


I have more examples if you could put them up for me?

art drawing

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Oooo so beautiful! Of course I will hun



Making sure my shop stays open, I made 2 text overlays!


hi, i’d like to make a text overlay and text tappable request to @Alima.episode

Text Overlay Request

How many: 5

  1. This story uses point systems, choose wisely.

  2. This story may contain mature themes and scenes that may be upsetting to viewers

  3. This story uses music and sound. Please turn up your volume.

  4. Thanks for Reading.

  5. Follow me @astoldbytobe on instagram for updates.

Font type and color: The name is in the image and description above it and the color should be black.


Anything Else: I’d like the “Thanks for Reading” text to be in three rows. Thanks, first row. For, second row. Reading, third row.

Deadline: Before month end.

Tappable Text Overlay Request

How Many: 3

  1. Start
  2. Customize
  3. Skip

Font type and color: Font name is in the image, color should be black.


Anything Else: No
Deadline: Before month end

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I’ll get started on making them now

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They’re both in the hidden text.

Yes I see that now

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