Alima’s Free Editing Shop

Yh ik that’s my mistake but I’m gonna fix it. Thank you for letting me know

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Thank you for correcting me!

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Thank you for the fix, and sorry for spamming your shop! :butterfly:

You don’t have to apologise, it’s ok and you’re welcome

Hi Alima! I have another request if you’re available. :white_heart:

I am, what can I do for you?

Can I request a Instagram splash that contains sneak peeks and more on it as well?

Yh sure, just fill the form out so I know more info about it

[quote=“Alima.episode, post:1, topic:604259”]
How many : 1
Bg of you’re choice ;

Font type : Any is fine
Text colour : White
Deadline : None
Character details if you want them on the splash : None
Anything else : Sneak peeks and more at the bottom, instagram logo in the middle and follow me on instagram @herepisode

Before I start making you’re splash, I need to ask where you got the bg from bc if it’s from google or something, you can’t use it for copyright purposes

Hi! Are you currently hiring?

I got it from someone’s thread on here I can post the thread here if I’m able to

If you can get in contact with the person and ask if the bg is completely free to use, that would be great.

I might have to find a new background cause they haven’t been on since April

Well I didn’t think anyone would join my shop but sure. Just give me a few mins to write an hire form :blush:

no problem. thank you!!

Oh ok, that’s fine. Try to look on and they’re really good

I found this one on Pixbay

Cool, I’ll get started on making it soon