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ORP: Thank you for doing that. @Etherwalker Do you still want to continue?


Can I just say that my inner Matt is been dying to show off more of his superiority complex.


I’d like to continue. Do we continue from the last post or do we timeskip? :thinking:


A time skip could be cool. Maybe to the next day in the morning?


Sure. :+1:


ORP: Oh! I just remembered, Telly47 isn’t in forums anymore. Would any of you like to take up his character or no?


ORP: Actually, I have an idea so I’ll take up Lucky.

It is now 7:00 AM on TUESDAY. You have an hour before class starts. Feel free to eat or work on homework.



Lucky Blank

He arose once the sun had come up. He was pretty good with his sleep schedule–after all, a beauty needs their sleep. He immediately walked to the bathroom and began to get ready. He turned on the shower before looking in the mirror and inspecting his face. He said a finger across his jawline before smiling a little. Once Rosalie admits her love to me on that secret admirer date she won’t be able to resist me! He thought. He was feeling pretty good that morning.

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Salem Blackwell

He could hear as someone rustled with their covers and get up, before walking and opening a door to what he assumed was the bathroom. He took the blanket off from over his head and looked around the room, blinking as he let his eyes adjust. He figured it was Lucky, since he wasn’t sure if Matt and Luca were even awake yet. He sighed and rolled onto his back. Hopefilly today won’t be as emotionally draining as yesterday. I don’t want to break down in the bathroom again. He thought before sitting up. He hummed a note to signal he was awake, mostly to himself, before shoving the covers off from him.

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Just as I say settle myself in a comfortable postition and close my eyes, I hear an alarm go off inside the room. Then I see LUCKY get out of bed in his usual pompous manner.

Fuck. Morning already?
I sigh quietly.
Maybe if I hadn’t made the piece so big I would’ve been able to catch an hour of sleep.
I rub my right hand. It always gets tense after spray painting.
SALEM sits up and I freeze and narrow my eyes down in faux sleep. Better if everyone thinks I’m still asleep.
Hopefully Mr. M likes my rendition of him on the cafeteria wall.
I smile as I think about the 9ft cartoon figure of him dressed as a toddler who shit in his diaper when he became angry.
Somewhere between narrowed eyes and faint smiles I fall asleep.


I finish blow drying my hair and begin to review yesterdays’ lessons.
My mind trails off to LUCA’s little set up taking place today.
Hopefully it’s not a total train wreck.
I shake my head as I continue to read.



Harper Woods

Harper awoke, ready for the day and excited to go and meet up with her new little bird friend. She kicked off her covers and looked out the window, it was still early and not a lot of people were up yet neither was her dorm mate so she creeped to her wardrobe and put on her uniform. As she pulled up her hair, it looked like she had been up for hours rather than a few minutes. Harper gently crept out her room, not wanting to wake Rosalie, picking up an apple, some seeds and her book, Little Women.

As she walked down the corridor, trying to be as silent as possible she looked at each door. Everyone seemed asleep as not many people sounded like they were stirring in their dorm rooms, this put a smile on Harpers face, her new little friend didn’t really like people. As she reached the courtyard she sat herself on one of the benches, opening up her book and starting to read. Keeping extra quiet so the baby bluebird would feel safe.

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Luca James O’Neill

After stretching, he got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom to get ready for the day. As he was walking, he noticed Salem sitting up in his bed. It was then that he remembered that he set up a date for Salem and Lucky today. How could I forget that? A small smile crept on to his face. “Hey, Salem.” Leaning against the bathroom door, he continued. “Are you excited for that date you have today?” I wonder where Ren is. I’ll have to come get her before the date starts or she’ll miss it. He thought eagerly.

@HermanEpisode Intetacting with Salem Happy anniversary! :grin::tada:
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:thinking: Is Lofhena’s child still in the roleplay? I would be willing to take up another character if I am allowed to.


Salem Blackwell

He looked to Luca and smiled a small bit. “Good morning.” He said quietly. “I am pretty excited.” He said with a grin. He scratched the back of his head before stretching and swinging his legs off the side of the bed. “Oh, Lucky is in there. He’s in the shower or something. I dunno if he locked it or not.” He shrugged. He stood and began to ready his uniform as he imagined the possibilities of the date.

@Etherwalker Nope, you can have him!


Luca James O’Neill

“I’m glad you’re excited. The date’s going to be amazi—” Abruptly stopping, he realized that he hadn’t made any food for the date. Damn it. Maybe Ren will help me? When Salem said that Lucky was already in the bathroom, Luca’s eyebrows rose. He pressed his ear against the cool, hard door and could hear the sound of the shower on inside. “I guess he is in there.” He pulled his head away from the door and walked back to his bed. “Is there any place you’ve always wanted to visit?”

@HermanEpisode Interacting with Salem Thank you. :grin: Am I allowed to change the character or do I have to keep him the same?


Salem Blackwell

He couldn’t help but smile again when Luca began to say the date was going to be amazing. He ran a hand through his hair before catching his finger in knot. I need a brush. He thought before beginning to search his hag for a brush or a comb. “Hmmm,” He then said once Luca asked him a place he wanted to visit. “I guess I have always wanted to see what it’s like in Japan. What about you?”

@Etherwalker No problem! And you don’t have to keep him the same at all, you can change a aspects of him if you’d like except for his parent being Lofhena. Either pm me what you want to change or refill the form.


Lucky Blank

After a good fifteen minutes of showering, he got out and dried off. He then put on his underwear and shirt, before realising that was all he had brought in. Whatever, we’re all guys. It’s not like the homo even is attracted to me. Although I wouldn’t blame him if he was. He thought. He opened the bathroom door and almost hit Luca with it. He didn’t notice and simply walked over to his bed and began searching for his uniform. “Morning.” He said to the others in the room as he pulled on his pants. He decided he wasn’t going to put the vest on that day. So what if he got in detention? It’s not like he hasn’t before.

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Maybe I should try to talk LUCA out of it. That way we can save ourselves an awkward situation.
But then I might spoil a good learning experience for him.
But is this learning experience important enough to come at the cost of SALEM’s feelings?

I think about all this as I walk to the boys’ room.
I knock on the door and wait.
Hopefully I’m not waking them up.



Luca James O’Neill

“Japan sounds like an awesome place to visit.” When Salem asked him the same question in return, he plopped on the bed and thought about it. “I think I would visit Greece.” He said finally. When Lucky greeted him and everyone else in the room, Luca waved. “Hi, Lucky.” When he heard knocking at the door, he stood up and walked over to the door. He then opened it. When he saw who was at the door, his eyebrows rose. “Ren? What are you doing here?”

@HermanEpisode Thank you. I’ll try to do that soon. :+1: Sorry it took me so long to respond.


Salem Blackwell

“Morning Lucky.” He said simply when he came out of the bathroom. He then looked to Luca. "Greece seems pretty cool. It has some really nice architecture. That’s probably why he wants to go. He picked up his uniform and was nearly about to change when Ren was at the door. Shoot, He thought before sneaking into the bathroom to change. There was no way he was changing in front of her.

@Etherwalker It’s okay, I understand you have a life and things can get in the way and such. Take your time.

Lucky Blank

He flipped down his collar, his mother’s voice echoing in his head. He then began to head out when Luca opened the door. Spotting Ren, his mood soured. He narrowed his eyes at her, not even saying a word as he pushed past her and began to head to the cafeteria.