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@RudeInception Are you still participating in this?


ORP: :flushed: !! I wasn’t notified.
Yeh I’m still here.



I grab a fruit salad and some water as I listen to SALEM and LUCA converse. It’s how opposites seem to attract. LUCA likes to include everyone around him to the point of annoyance, while SALEM gets so wrapped in his crush that he sees no one else. I chuckle.
I’m about to make a comment about the big building model that’s in the main lobby of the school, when the adjacent wall catches my attention.
Someone has painted a large, angry baby on it. But the baby has a mustache and fire for hands.

“What is that?”, I say audibly, even though I was mostly asking myself.

@HermanEpisode @Etherwalker


bump so this isn’t closed


I’m sorry to both of you. I’m dropping this roleplay. This has been nice while it lasted. I’m sorry I didn’t say this before but I thought I’d have time to write something for Luca. Unfortunately, I don’t.


That’s fine, I understand. I’ve enjoyed the time we were able to go with this, and I will probably close the thread after @RudeInception responds.


ORP: it’s been fun, y’all :ok_hand:t3::blue_heart:


Could you please close this thread?



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: