Alium Academy RP || Sign Ups


You’ve been accepted into a new private school, Alium Academy! Thing is, it’s not your average school. It’s only for the children of gods and goddesses! What could possibly go wrong with a school of hormonal demigods?


  • Do not reserve a spot if you don’t have any intention to roleplay. It’s unfair. If you don’t enter your form and three days have passed, your reserved spot can be given to someone else.
  • Try and be on for a reasonable amount of time. It’s sometimes frustrating for others to have to wait for days on end to roleplay.
  • Try your best to make it realistic. Even though they are demigods, they still need to be reasonable. Do not make them overpowered and don’t make them get hurt for no reason. A lot of people do this as a cheap way to start drama, but it gets boring after a while and can ruin roleplays as a whole.
  • Be nice to your fellow roleplayers! There’s no need to be rude to other players.
  • You may have only one character, and each god/goddess can only have one child.

The rest aren’t exactly rules, but they’re things to be aware of.

  • Your character’s actions will have consequences.
  • Relationships between the parent gods/goddesses do not matter as to who you date in the school if anyone.
  • While there are some regular classes, there are classes to help with the student’s abilities too. P.E. is mandatory.
  • There are elective classes such as art, theatre, computer science, etc.
  • The school is located on the edge of a town in England. There are dorms in the school that they stay in, and they can be from any place in the world you’d like.
  • The academy has uniforms! You must wear them while in school, but you don’t have to out of school.
  • You will be assigned dorm rooms and who you’re sharing a dorm with.

Gods and Goddesses
Kalsoi: Goddess of hatred, revenge and envy.
Xulotl: God of the dark, shadow, and suspicion.
Etar: God of the insane, sickness, and nightmares.
Yuna: Goddess of the young, hope and health.
Cahta: Goddess of animals, nature and serenity.
Adeyr: God of battle, war and wrath.
Lofhena: Goddess of the ocean, rivers, and submissiveness.
Oagi: God of fire, stonework and determination.
Rumaris: Goddess of dreams, inspiration and happiness.
Ycarae: Goddess of wisdom, secrecy, and light.

Open spots:
Kalsoi’s Child: Taken by @hey.twilla
Xulotl’s Child: Taken by @RudeInception
Etar’s Child: Taken by @HermanEpisode
Yuna’s Child: Taken by @Madilnel
Cahta’s Child: Taken by @Beth_Episode
Adeyr’s Child: Taken by @Tellyg47
Lofhena’s Child: Taken by @readerslivesouls
Oagi’s Child: Taken by @Etherwalker
Rumaris’s Child: Taken by @theother51
Ycarae’s Child: Taken by @RudeInception

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reserve for Lofhena’s child! (woop!)


Reserve for Catha’s child!


This sounds interesting. :grin:

Is there a plot? Do you have any ideas for events during the story?


Just noticed in her personality description I put Caroline instead of Harper, sorry, lol.


I do have ideas for evens in the story, yes. All it really is so far, though, is a dance that’s to be look forward to and a project they have to complete in groups.


Oops! I fixed it on the faceclaims/info slide.


Reserve for rumaris


Thank you!


May I reserve for Oagi’s child?


Of course!


Reserving Xulotl


I’d like to make a small suggestion for the FCs. Maybe add in what the parent is God/Goddess of that way people won’t have to go all the way up the thread to see.


That’s a good idea, I’ll do that.


reserve for daughter of Ycarae :slight_smile:


Reserve for Kalsoi please!


Ooooh my character can be friend w your character (Xulotl)


Yeah! I haven’t even created her yet she already has a friend!


“Character reference” is like a faceclaim, by the way. @LovingLostCities


Okay this is mine This