All American (or anyone really) Users Click Here (Addressing 9/11)


I wasn’t born yet when 9/11 happened, but I live in Toronto and right now there’s a lot of violence in the streets of Toronto and it really makes me afraid every time I walk in the city at night. I’m a very anxious person and the thought that someone with a gun or a knife could just appear and attack me is making it hard to walk alone in the city.


This always brings my mood down. Reminds me of 7/11


7/11? :joy::joy:


I was very little at the time when the 9/11 attack happened but I never knew anything about the news. When I grew up, my brother told me that when he was in New York he saw scraps of burnt paper flying around and it was from the twin towers and I could just imagine how traumatizing it was to see that.

The world is a really messed up place, innocent lives are lost every single day and i’m very sorry to the those who lost their friends or family members due to this tragedy. My heart goes out to all of you and please take care of yourselves


Yes. 7/11. What’s funny? … It’s a sad thing.


Its a store? :slight_smile: Lol unless you mean something compeletely different. :confused:


Just look it up, yikes


I couldn’t find anything … only on Trump. :confused:


it’s 7/7 not 7/`11 my bad lol
in london, there was a 2005 suicide bombing. it killed 56 ppl or hundreds were left injured (deaf, missing limbs, ect). 4 ppl were in on it and planted bombs on the tubes and a double decker bus


Yeah! I know about that, it was pretty bad especially as I am from London :frowning: :cry:


me too :frowning:


Oh… yeah that’s not funny… I was just really confused on why you said 7/11. I didn’t mean to be offensive


Im surprised I’m Canadian and we still learn about it and watch videos about it


It affected a lot of people. American or not


it’s fine. please be careful of your words next time.